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  1. What's going on

    I'm really happy to see the support. I think Jack will learn a lot while working on Hyplex & I'm excited to see where he takes one of the most bullet proof™️ communities
  2. About the upcoming update...

    Because I'm struggling to keep up with Hyplex - and I don't think it's in anyones interest for us to close DarkRP down because of just me not having time, Elite & I have decided we're going to scout someone to essentially take over development & community management with a light-touch mentality. Hyplex can be very self sustaining - which is evident by it's state after so little updates & love, and I think that's what makes it quite unique, it's very community driven, I want to keep it that way. But we need someone to stand in for what I would normally be doing while I'm unable to. Finding this person is tricky, I've got an idea on one person - but we haven't forgotten about this. Apologies for the lack of communication
  3. About the upcoming update...

    There will be a way to transfer items that are supported in the new invent system. We're not doing a full eco reset - because the people who have already grinded for shit should get a bit of a headstart
  4. Recent issues

    Just a small notice that the recent downtime on the website & game servers should now calm down a lot. We've been performing a lot of updates that impact the infrastructure Hyplex runs on. We should be pretty much good now. Thanks for the continued support <3
  5. New Building Concept

    ignore me
  6. About the upcoming update...

    The money cap is there to give people goals & progression again, it's not a bad thing when you understand it in context. If you think about most games, they're not fun when you've done everything - that's when you stop playing, for a reason; you get bored. I don't want people to just think we're throwing away progress - we're really not. It's either we do this, or the new things are just insanely expensive, and the entire economy is inflated as fuck. Either way has the same result, it's just one is less cancerous, and doesn't make the server unbalanced for new players. I really hope you guys understand this
  7. About the upcoming update...

    It wouldn't be removed if it's not replaced. On another note - precision weld & move should be added in this update too. Apparently you guys really want that, so I figured I'd let you know
  8. About the upcoming update...

    you have that goal of reaching 10mil because there are no other goals - we're adding other goals
  9. About the upcoming update...

    This update will lay the foundations for cars, but we'll probably have separate servers (1x EU, 1x US) with cars. They'll have a much lower player count (32 most likely) so that the cars can be driven nicely & responsively. I'm really waiting for Crident to have our US-East location up before I start getting real fancy with the multi-server setup because managing it with the host I'm currently using in the US is just fucking shit.
  10. About the upcoming update...

    There wont be bubbles, you'll be ghosted until your NLR is up.
  11. About the upcoming update...

    It wont be reset, but as levels are going to be reset, money will be capped. Chances are we'll cap level 1 to 1mil, 2 to 2mil, etc.
  12. About the upcoming update...

    What's up guys, Long time no update. I'm cooking up something I think is pretty special, but I wanted to give you all a warning, and run a poll on this before we push it. This latest update is going to change a lot. Like - a new inventory system, levelling system, and a lot more shit is going to change a lot. You will have the opportunity to move your items from the old invent system to the new one. Levels will probably be reset, because they're going to be more integrated into the gamemode & mean more. I don't want people bitching about the changes - they're for the greater good of the server. Any posts which are about leaving the server because of these changes, or throwing a tantrum will just get you banned. The update is going to add features like quests, territories for gangs, a crafting system, a new NLR system based on your level, better gangs, achievements, bug fixes hopefully some FPS & serverside performance improvements & a load of other shit. So it's probably worth the minor progress setbacks, because we're giving you more shit to do. Money will also be getting capped depending on your level - this is so when we add new features, people have to progress still. Instead of being able to just stockpile money & then when we release new things, they can instantly unlock everything. It also avoids newer people just being given money from another player, which kinda ruins the game & minimises the repercussions of exploits or bugs we might (and probably haven't) considered.
  13. M9K!!!!!!

    yes lets swap an addon out of one with less features
  14. Can i get a refund?

    We only refund if we fuck up, sorry. However - as a future note; being rude to the people who might help you isn't how you get what you want in life.
  15. Rules rewrite

    These rules are now live