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    User: "Admin you can't ban ME for mass rdm! It was the turret!" Admin: "Oh sorry carry on then"
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    So this leveling system is a good idea but I don't think it's executed correctly. You should be given xp based on your previous playtime so that people who have put in time don't have to wait another 30 hours to get to gun dealer. Currently It will take a long while for anyone to get to gundealer / cop which means that nobody will be able to get guns and you won't be able to rob the bank.
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    I know this is a bit of a bump but fuck it. What is bringing it to the forums gonna do? Do you think that the people who are doing it are just gonna be like shit they don’t like that, we should probably stop!!!
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    No no no no no no no no
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    GO HOME GO BED : BANNED 2 days (Multi-NLR) And then I stopped because @Lethomius Maximus It looks like YOUR breaking NLR as well..
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    -1 Never seen you. App is not very detailed at all.
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    Don't upgrade your pc, get a car.
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    dosent matter you will be banned if you use it in Hyplex
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    Why not? Registering on the forums isn't required in order to play 😹
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    I mean using f***ot, always annoy's me and you can see i have warned people in the past, because it is A derogatory slur against someone. And is mostly used for players to disrespect each other without getting warned as the staff team doesn't really mind as a whole and doesnt take offense, but it is a slur that should be on the same level as n*****.
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    I have to agree here, I think we need to sort this asap.
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    What's the difference between racism and homophobia though, its just the people that the comments are aimed at and who are offended by the comments. Racism and homophobia should be treated the same way.
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    I agree to be honest, why is racism no allowed but homophobia is?
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    Drizzy - " it's planned "
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    Have a good few days rest, I'm sure the server will go well while your gone!
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    just mail me your computer and I will make gmod run at 1000 FPS
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    So Basically i have a potato of a PC but i like running Gmod on medium everything and this config, helps me achieve 60 fps most places with a pretty bad PC, enjoy This is what is in the File Its Basically tailored to my computer but gives me a boost of around 10-30 fps depending on map and gamemode, it basically removes un essential things that are not needed but keeps the game not looking too bad, you can run this config with high everything and notice changes as well //Recoiled's FPS Config cl_forcepreload 1 cl_smooth 0 cl_detaildist 1 cl_detailfade 800 cl_ejectbrass 0 cl_show_splashes 0 cl_showfps 1 r_fastzreject 1 r_threaded_particles 1 r_threaded_renderables 1 r_decal_cullsize 1 r_drawflecks 0 r_drawmodeldecals 0 r_dynamic 0 r_lod 0 r_WaterDrawReflection 0 r_WaterDrawRefraction 0 r_waterforceexpensive 0 r_cheapwaterstart lod_TransitionDist 1 dsp_enhance_stereo 0 snd_mixahead 0.7 fps_max 60 muzzleflash_light 0 sv_forcepreload 1 r_3dsky 0 r_maxmodeldecal 1 r_decals 1 r_decalstaticprops 0 r_drawbatchdecals 0 echo "Recoiled's FPS Config Loaded Have Fun" Additionally if your computer cannot at all handle GMOD on these setting i reccomend using the commands in console, or additionally adding this to the config if your lazy like me ; mat_bumpmap "1" mat_clipz "1" mat_colorcorrection "1" mat_compressedtextures "1" mat_picmip "2" This will make the game look dreadful, but will run at an increased rate with a good 30-40 fps increase for me. To use the FPSConfig Simply type "exec RecoiledFPS" in console and it will load, hope you enjoy your FPS Boosts My Launch options are ; -windowed -noborder -dxlevel 90 -w 1280 -h 720 -novid -console -threads 2 -nod3d9ex The FPS Boost Config for you all to use : RecoiledFPS.cfg
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    Love the update
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    Your Steam Name - Jason Rodrick Your SteamID - STEAM_0:1:57544708 Your IG Name - Jason Rodrick Your current rank - Member Your requested rank - Trial Mod/Mod What is your Timezone? ( EST / GMT / CST ) Mountain Time Your RL date of birth - 8/13/2000 Why do you want to be staff? I want to be staff because I think I am and was a valuable asset to our community. I am an open minded person who is able to see situations from different perspectives which allows me to understand and make a better conclusion during a situation. I see only a few staff even care to log on and help the players. That could be just my time zone or my little time back from Hyplex 3.0 but anyways. Most minges like to come on during the later hours in the day because they can have more of a chance to minge and mess around with other players. I want to be able to keep the server together and not filled with rule breakers and minges during these periods and whenever I can. I can allow the staff to relax is they are the only one on and being drained by all the situations the players need. I want to make the players feel safe to know that there will be staff on the server to help with any issues that they may be having. What would make you a better choice than others? what makes YOU stand out from the crowd? I think I'm a better candidate than any other person because I have over 600 hours alone dedicated to staffing on DarkRP servers, 100 of that from Hyplex. I am very experienced when it comes to people and the player base and how to be in a state of mind when you have to tell yourself "you can't take a break yet, just help the players in need" Times where there is so much happening and you want to try your hardest to keep the server in place. I am available 6/7 days during the week where as other staff may be busy. I am always happy to help out any players in need of assistance or just even a random question that a player needs to be answered. I know that I will be able to play and be active because I know what it takes to be staff and I know that some people just aren't cut out when it comes to staffing. If Applicable, do you have any references from other staff members? @Chaos Do you have any other additional information for us? Previously staff on Hyplex 3.0
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    Doc knows about it, I got on to test if it works and they were already showing doc it when I got to my friends base.
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    +1 Seems nice, has been staff on hyplex before You can use me as a ref if you want btw
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    -1 Reasons already mentioned
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    I like the update Just the leveling system seems to slow tbh and for staff the 2 min wait is annoying and kinda makes it if your the only staff on you cant rp and do sits at the same time, I would much perfer being able to go into admin mode so I could take care of something quickly or if a report pops up thats someone is stuck just quickly goto them and be able to go out of admin mode and being able to RP, or just make it so you r not godded so staff can be on admin mode 24/7 but I see thats some staff might abuse this though.
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    So what you're telling me is that you should get staff with 15 hours (Less then most other staff when they applied) because you were staff on the previous versions of hyplex? Now I can agree that you're a nice fella and that you want to help and that you are more than competent enough to be a staff member and everything it's just that I don't believe that you can just rejoin the server play for a few hours then apply for staff, you have to get back into the flow of things first, get to know people and such. I mean hey, I have been staff on every version of Hyplex / Aero excluding 3.0 and was even a head mod at one stage yet I still had to wait until I became familiar with everyone + played 30 hours before applying. I'm going to +1 since you will probably make a better staff member than 75% of the current team but I just wanted to vent my opinion on this matter. Good Luck Jason.
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    rust is where i got the idea
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    -1 No effort put into making application look nice. Never seen you.
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    +Support, very mature, knows rules (unlike most staff tbh), great application. Good luck @TheStone, I hope to see you on the staff team in the near future
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    haha you have no idea how funny your little prepubesent mind is, cracking up such A class jokes like that. damn, i wish i could be as blessed as you - especially with a mind like yours
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    So, The main reason I have brought this to your attention is I believe it NEEDS to be fixed! My question is Why is racism not allowed on the server but homophobic slurs are?? now PLEASE update the rules and show the STAFF team this question and make a change to the current rules (i have asked 6 or so admins/staff and have not got a good answer) The reason I suspect this is happening is ALOT of people say faggot to one another As this makes the server seem offensive, homophobic, and many more unpleasant things. and I hope elite sees this because I have been told he is the one who adds/removes rules and hope to see this new rule in place ( something I want to add I am not saying we should allow racism but I feel that homophobic slurs should be treated the same as racism and become a rule for the future) faggot ˈfaɡət/ noun 1. NORTH AMERICANinformaloffensive a male homosexual.
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    No wonder you got warned for NLR, you don't even know the rules... The rule states that you can't mug, also there is no advert.
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    -Support -Do i really need to give a reason?
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    i know but 11 yrs old kids are pissing me off need someone to delete those posts
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    it was a joke. Im talking about people yelling at me for talking shit, its not like im yelling out racial slurs or shit that offends anyone. I shouldn't need to worry about that but I guess not
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    If you arent involved in this dont post otherwise will you get warned
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    That's no excuse to call someone a "faggot". Also it's not always a choice to be homosexual. Some are born to like the same gender. Also, I completely agree that homophobia and racism should be treated equally. It's weird though. Calling someone a "faggot" should fall under the rule: 1. General Communications 3. With intent trying to cause alarm, harassment or distress Yet I've never seen anyone punished for it.
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    I thought of doing this but decided it was too scummy lmao , are u sure that you can still lockpick from the other side? otherwise it's not allowed.
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    Welcome, your free to base with me anytime
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    I’ve got an absolutely incredible idea. Ignore the people saying that :0 fuck man that’s unheard of I know
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    Hyplex.co Warning Appeal Format. *You must use this format when completing a warn format.* Your Steamid: Your In Game Name: Warning admin: Brief description of the event: Why should your warning be removed?: Evidence (required): Thank you for reading.
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    People use the @ report system and their message is either "admin to me" or "admin" I don't help them unless they explain to me what's going on first through the message.
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    I fucking agree, And they think Crying and trash talking staff in /ooc is going to make the staff member want to take their sit... When it really doesnt and just prevents the staff member wanting to deal with their toxicity. Im not even bringing up the fact that some people have untaggable names so we have to go to your steam profile to copy your name and some people have the same name or nearly the same name and its a hassle just to tp to you.
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    Good to hear, and sure thing man, here you go