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    Due to there not being a response from either Jackk or Drizzy, I've decided I'll handle this. I'm willing to let you back into the community on one condition @Chaos and that is that you don't do anything like it again or it'll stay next time. Message me on discord @ Cryption#0001.
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    Note: had permission from Dillon to post this. Server (StarwarsRP/DarkRP): All servers and the discord. Your IG name / Steam name: Rad | Chaos Your STEAM-ID: STEAM_1:0:96377780 Who banned you and why: Presumably one of the GM’s or Jackk, for toxic behaviour after the UberZ and Dylan forced resignation scandal. Why should you be unbanned: I know I fucked up and I acknowledge that. Although I may have been intoxicated at the time it was fully my fault. What I said in that private discord DM was bad, and although my punishment is considered by many too be overkill I was rightfully punished at the end of the day. I’ve had time to reflect and know that I won’t make the same mistakes again. During my time here at Hyplex I’ve made mostly positive impacts except for a few slip ups including this one so I would appreciate being able to play on SWRP and DarkRp again (once update drops) as well as being unbanned on discord. That’s all I have to say, thanks for your time.
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    I don't think people who aren't involved should comment. And considering it's mostly staff, maybe you should take a look at the staff complaints guidelines to remind yourself. /hidden useless comments
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    Hey there! I'm Luke, a freelance developer and graphical designer who (as my rank suggests) like's to volunteer and offer my services for free to a select few communities that catch my eye. So, want to know a bit about me do you? At the time of writing this, I'm a 17 year old budding programmer and graphical designer with 4 years of experience under my belt for gLua development and about 5-ish maybe 6 years of graphical design experience to accompany it. My main passion in life, although it has switched 3 times now, is to persue a career in graphical design and branding. Originally I wanted to be a Web Designer, or at least a programmer of sorts, but that soon developed into wanting to be an architect before finally changing to my now final goal within the graphical design industry. Which gamemode is lucky to have me working with them? Well I'm happy to say that I'll be working on the development of both Dark RP and Star Wars RP - however it has to be said that I will mainly be sticking to Dark RP for my early days here at Hyplex. Hope to see you around, Luke Call
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    Hi, After speaking with Jackk, we believe it's time we expand Hyplex some more. We thought for a while on what gamemodes would be best to bring to you guys, and I took a few things into consideration when deciding on the final gamemodes we're going to be running. I had to think of it from a logical view, Hyplex isn't exactly the most serious community you're going to meet so I decided to steer away from most SeriousRP gamemodes and went for gamemodes which I believe don't require to be too serious & decided that would be fun for you guys if we get it done well. I want to first of all present to you: Now, for those of you who don't know what this is - it's Jedi VS Sith, so yes, another Star Wars server and that'll explain some of the changes within the discord, and that's why we renamed SWRP things to CWRP - to allow us to split the two up, even though they're under the same category I believe this would be better as that way we can have dedicated management for both of the servers. Within this gamemode we're going for more of a SW:TOR theme, so for those of you who played Star Wars: The Old Republic you'll probably recognize some designs and ideas. Whilst we're sticking to SW:TOR theme we'll also be bringing in some more recent things such as Luke's ability in Episode 8, where he turns into a force ghost & we'll be allowing some cool things with that. We've decided that we're going to make everything we do public, which I think was a flaw we made when we were redeveloping CWRP as you guys had no idea what was going on with it, nor what to expect. Whereas this time, everything will be public. Trello: https://trello.com/b/yJHu0EQn Secondly, I present you: This gamemode has been known to be popular in the past, whilst also unknown - if you know about it, you'll know it's fun, if you don't know about it then you're in for a treat. Now, rather than using a gamemode already made for this we're going with a custom style, and Jackk will be leading the development in particular for this server, and he'll be concentrating on this more than any other server once the DarkRP update has dropped. This is something I personally love, likewise does he - we believe you'll enjoy what we have in plan for this, and once we start getting things going with Minigames we'll be giving you a bit more of an insight as to what it's going to be like, we'll be releasing spoilers & more importantly we'll be allowing you guys to get an idea of what the server is like before we release so you guys know what's in store if you're to play it. I'll be updating the forums shortly to cater these two new gamemodes, I didn't want to make anything and spoil the surprise we have in store for you, I believe you guys will enjoy our plans for these two new servers and I hope you'll continue to be as supportive as you guys have been since the launch of reduct. I only have one main thing to ask of you guys whilst we're in the development of these two new servers, and that's that you guys be supportive and continually throw ideas at us in the suggestions so that we can make these servers as good as we can, and as enjoyable for you guys as we can. If you have any questions about any of these plans, feel free to drop them below, and I'll try respond Big shout out to @Luke Call for making the graphics, I honestly couldn't have asked for a better job - he'll also be the one focussing on Jedi VS Sith to ensure we get that rolling out as smooth as possible. He's also receive a nice promotion from Jr Developer to Developer, so feel free to congratulate him Regards, Cryption.
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    Hey that's pretty good. Also whoever made those banners is amazing, they look fucking amazing
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    Your Steam Name?: Freezy Your SteamID?: STEAM_1:0:74413228 What is your timezone?: CET What is your playtime?: 270h Do you have a microphone?: Yes How long have you been a moderator for?: All together I've been mod for 1 moth and 2 weeks. Don't know the exact time but somewhere around there. Why are you applying for Trial Admin (minimum of 125 words)?: I'm applying for T-admin for two reasons. The first one being the new commands and permissions you get. I've been in countless situation were I need to spectate someone or remove disconnected player props were I have not been able to. This leads to me not being able to complete the sit cause I wasn't able to remove those props or see what someone was doing. I want to be able to help all players no matter the problem they might have and without admin that is not possible. Usually in these situations as a mod I would have just called upon an admin if there were any on. But we don't currently have that many admins and it can become a huge problem if there is so admins on since the mods don't have all the commands. Which means I would not only be there for the playing helping them with problems but I would also assist the mods and other staff if a problem would occur. What is the role of a Admin (minimum of 50 words)?: The role of an admin is to take sits and help players with their problems. It is also your job to help the mods and tmods if they for an example need to use a command they can't use or they need help with a sit. An admins job is also to take on the harder sits and situations that the mods and tmods might not know how to handle. Why should we pick you? (minimum of 100 words)?: You should pick me because I have been with Hyplex for a long time and I have been staff for most of it. This leads to me having a wast knowledge on how to deal with difficult situations and how to help people in the best way. I am usually very calm and understanding. Even in the most stressful situations I can still manage to take sits with quality and efficiency. In a sit I always listen to what both parties have to say and do not judge someone for their voice or their accent I would only judge and take actions agaist player because of the action they make and nothing else. Situational Act - There is a player claiming that there is a abusive staff member online in OOC. What do you do?: I would give him a link in the forums and inform him on how to make a staff complaint. I would also tell him that if he keeps spamming OOC I will most likely have to mute his chat. I would then go on to spectate the staff he is accusing and see if that staff is doing something wrong. If the staff did something like misunderstand a rule and gave a false warning I would go to him and tell him what he did wrong and removed the warn. If he was abusing his powers e.x. no clipping inside a base I would record it until the point I had enough evidence contacted management or made a staff complaint. I would later tell him to stop but if he doesn't I would ban him to keep him from continuing the abuse. Ban time could differ since I wouldn't want him on with his staff powers again until demoted. Staff references (required)?: @TJ123 @Frazer° @Nerchio @Sanity @Lil [email protected] Do you understand that the rank of trial admin is a prestigious rank with large responsibilities which should not be abused?: Yes.
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    Your wish is my command.
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    Why hasnt this been accepted yet?
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    Here are the screenshots for the lazy people: This is not really good behaviour. Especially when you just got accepted and trained. I don't know how this did not get mentioned in your training. This is just ruining the reputation of the staff team.
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    You used an old template. Should have used the new one I think :
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    given your age i’d be surprised if you were a retard. +1 plz dont make me wrong
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    bye zaren
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    I guess you're never coming back
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    This seems to have been the big question, what happened to Dillon? Well, rather than me having to explain it everytime I’m putting it in a post so I can link it So, sometime ago when he was Forum Manager iirc he created a forum account with administrator rights, so he was able to do whatever he liked. From there he was then moved to DarkRP and then up to Global Manager. Now, with his latest resignation of him stepping down from Global Manager, you can see our issue, I completely forgot to delete the account to prevent him having admin rights. So from here he proceeds to edit his reputation, making it 100,000 & then editing some groups, main one I noticed was Hyplex Gold - so I had to revert the changes made & he also merged his account with this admin account. So you can see your issue, now this wasn’t the only reason I community banned him, ever since he got Global Manager he just acted in a different way now that he had done what he had done. At this point I had, had enough and had to ban him. He also lied to me when I pointed out to him that I knew it was him on the discord server. Now, Dillon I hope you’re using another guest account or alt account to read this because guess what, it’s funny how you put more activity into Hyplex after you resigned than you did in your entire time of being a Global Manager, you’ve created discord alt accounts, forum alt accounts, guest accounts and don’t get me wrong I know we’re a good community, but why?
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    Yeah I tried it and it's not really that amazing, but that was a few months ago, maybe they've added more since then. *chuckles*
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    Been broken since I was still comm manager, and still is... srsly?
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    Cryption (oh wait he’s already in one)
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    Ban for talking about him.
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    If this is implemented, dont let viction touch it or else our forums are gonna break again.
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    I dont know what Im supposed to do about this you silly goose.
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    this is a shit post now, you ruined it
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    27 Genders is no longer staff here.
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    Snickers has nuts inside. So you basically swallow nuts. Think about what you said my boy
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    @Cryption @Jason Not looking good for you Luca....
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    +support Good staff member Has helped out many times when reports got really out of hand.
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    +1 can add me as a ref @Freezy
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    Server DarkRP UK Name of user:willblast257 Steam-ID :76561198827300854 What rule did this person break? : Prop minge, Prop Block. Short information about the incident :Constantly spamming giant dicks and sometimes spawning them into players making them stuck. Evidence of rule break (Required) :
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    -Support Calling staff unintelligent isnt how you get accepted. You clearly cant take criticism and your grammar is awful keeping in mind that you are 17 From your responses above it seems like there were a few rule breakers on the server with no staff on and you got angry and quickly typed up a staff app. I recommend putting more effort into your app.
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    Then he went and fucked it up for a rank
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    -support for being a rule breaker But honestly, be like luca. Fix yourself and start following the rules. I feel like you'd be a great addition to the staff team if you worked on yourself,
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    2 week or perma ban for RDM seems a lil bit harsh to me lol
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    +1 We desperately need staff and you seem ok
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    Welcome to the forums.
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    See what i mean. Like come on. Its just over excessive. I shot one guy and instantly get called out for something. I also dont like how you joined into another mods sit. It wasnt yours nor did you have anything to do with it FrezZy
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    Let me add i ran a darkrp and ttt by myself as the management holding 15 admins. None of which abused, harrased or broke rules.
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    +1 I agree he is amaaziing at what he does he should get Senior Admin