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    All i have to say is how immature, especially for someone wanting to become staff
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    I have nobody specific really. everyone is doing an amazing job! managers: mr.salty and large (im not tagging them as they are probably busy) you have done an absolutely excellent job with this server. until now, I have never played on a SWRP server but after a rough start, my experience is amazing! thank you for all your amazing work! I couldn't thank you more for your work, and I hope this server lives long! our beloved mentor , @LionsDen I 100% agree with the managers decision to make you the first ever SWRP mentor! you have been doing an outstanding job on SWRP and I am amazed with all your efforts. ok, where did i leave off? oh yea thats right! to our beloved admin! @Infusion you have been doing an amazing job at keeping the server pure! any rule breakers, there you are in a flash. you make sure the server is great to play on, new player or regular. and to the moderators (and trials) , @DeathWing, ice (who i cant tag for some reason), george (who i also cant tag) and @Makkie. you moderators to be honest are almost at the same level to our admin infusion and for that i applaud. you all have been doing a great job stopping minges, trolls, RDMers and just the general peanuts (keeping it PG) and i also thank you all. and my personal favourite, (sorry guys ) the event planners (and trials). @Kuikentje NL, @Chaos, @Xaden | Zairen , dennis johnson (cant tag?) and (best for last) @Dhelep. you are the heart and soul of uptime. you dictate whether players have a fun and satisfying experience or a boring dull one. (unless article 48 is initiated ) you have done an outstanding, amazing, excellent, someone please get me a thesaurus because i can't think of many more good words job. your events have made me addicted to SWRP like a squirrel and their nuts (not those nuts you dirty person) i am sitting at the edge of my seat to find out if this event will lead us to another exotic planet of the star wars universe and the big events that include the epic obi wan kenobi and fleet ensign @Freezy (shout out to him, epic fleet man. so is infusions) ordering each regiment with equally (or sometimes not so equally) enjoyable tasks. fully utilising each regiment for their special qualifications like CTE and their ships, ARC and their rocket boots and the 74th medics and their drones. it just gives me such an amazing feeling when things go together like this, and for that i thank you the second most (salty and large take the trophy) for your amazing efforts to give the server life. i thank all those people for their efforts and giving up their day to improve our RP experience. P.S honourable mention to our regular players who continue to play on the server and help the newbies. you are cool people too.
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    Yeah, mining is something I hope to never see.
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    +SUPPORT +Change CO models back. +ARC Shield thing (I've used it and it's not too OP). +More models. +Health bar. -NEGATIVE -The rest.
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    This is getting really fishy now... It seems like your telling them to make these posts.
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    From my experience with Blue, when he was mod he thought mass rdm was a 3 month ban or something... I assumed he would be demoted eventually but it seems not. I honestly think his rank needs re-evaluating. If you don't think racism is worth a ban and don't have the mental capacity to look at the provided punishment spreadsheet you honestly shouldn't be here.
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    There wont be bubbles, you'll be ghosted until your NLR is up.
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    Your Steam Name -TurtleElliot Hyplex.co Your SteamID - STEAM_0:1:157092387 Your IG Name - 74th 2ndLT TurtleElliot Your current rank - User What staff rank are you applying for? Trial Event Planner What is your Timezone? Central Your RL date of birth - August 29, 2003 Why do you want to be staff? I would like to be staff on Hyplex's Star Wars RP for many reasons. First of all I have been putting almost all the time I can onto the server. While on the server I notice how boring the server can get without event planners on or high ranking officers on to do simulations. Second, as I play on the server I notice that the same people are making the big events or just events in general, Also most of the events are the same as it goes something like this most of the time. You arrive, do a debrief, kill some droids, maybe capture or rescue someone, and then do a debrief again. I feel events should be longer and some should be more favored towards certain battalions. Like most of the events are combat related and medics and engineers don't get to do much. What would make you a better choice than others? I feel I am a better choice than others as I have played a good bit of SWRP. Not all of it was on Hyplex but I have played it for a while now. I could bring some fresh new ideas to the event list if I become an event planner. I have been on both sides of the events (clone and separatist) and understand what players like and don't like. For example players don't want events where the main antagonist is almost impossible to kill and he is just there to kill everyone. Players like the RP related events most of the time and I feel that I could bring them more of that. what makes YOU stand out from the crowd? I feel I stand out from the crowd as I have been a staff member before on Hyplex (DarkRP) and while I was there I made a few events. I am almost never toxic while playing on the server and if I do become toxic I'll just type in chat and not use voice chat or go play another game for an hour or two. I feel I am well liked by the majority of the server and don't cause trouble. Do you have a good understanding of ULX? Yes If Applicable, do you have any references from other staff members? @Kuikentje NL Do you have any other additional information for us? I was a Moderator on DarkRP for Hyplex
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    @dreamcheater2 See you later, we don't give refunds especially to those as rude as yourself, I would suggest that if you do come back after your long ban that you fix your behavior and act like a adult. I also want to point out a little discrepancy in your response; The previous statement (literally)
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    +Support Good darkrp staff Trustworthy Decent app Good luck bruv
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    You can also do it upside down and sideways as long as the angle is acute it should mostly work you can also make it so its a instant head shot (Will tell you later)
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    What's up guys, Long time no update. I'm cooking up something I think is pretty special, but I wanted to give you all a warning, and run a poll on this before we push it. This latest update is going to change a lot. Like - a new inventory system, levelling system, and a lot more shit is going to change a lot. You will have the opportunity to move your items from the old invent system to the new one. Levels will probably be reset, because they're going to be more integrated into the gamemode & mean more. I don't want people bitching about the changes - they're for the greater good of the server. Any posts which are about leaving the server because of these changes, or throwing a tantrum will just get you banned. The update is going to add features like quests, territories for gangs, a crafting system, a new NLR system based on your level, better gangs, achievements, bug fixes hopefully some FPS & serverside performance improvements & a load of other shit. So it's probably worth the minor progress setbacks, because we're giving you more shit to do. Money will also be getting capped depending on your level - this is so when we add new features, people have to progress still. Instead of being able to just stockpile money & then when we release new things, they can instantly unlock everything. It also avoids newer people just being given money from another player, which kinda ruins the game & minimises the repercussions of exploits or bugs we might (and probably haven't) considered.
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    Yeah, I did tell him multiple times to remove the camera in one sit. Brought him back to another sit where he placed another and would not remove it after multiple warnings.
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    -Denied- You do not meet the requirements to apply for staff. You may only re-apply ( In 2 weeks ) if you manage to lose 5 warns... Locked & Moved
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    It wouldn't be removed if it's not replaced. On another note - precision weld & move should be added in this update too. Apparently you guys really want that, so I figured I'd let you know
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    First of all keep a proper tone when speaking to staff members & members alike Secondly yes i am in full control of my brain. Im a self harm victim, i've tried suicide multiple times and if someone told me to KYS id take that very badly. Id be sad n shit, however if you dont think telling someone to kill themselves is a temporary ban then well.. i'd suggest retraining Have a good day!
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    2uukan: Admin ➣ Senior Admin BlueBerryBilly: Moderator ➣ Admin Frazer: Trial-Moderator ➣ Moderator
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    Just want to add; you say that you know that you're going to get denied, that viewpoint alone strongly discourages me from accepting you, so either change it and apply 2 weeks time or don't bother. Pessimism won't help you, you need confidence.
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    Server needs more active fleet I know the server just started, but i very rarely see fleet on doing events, Maybe lower the requirements for fleet due to the fact the server just opened?. Maybe promote some people from VCO + CO and offer them a place at fleet. HP Bar needs improvement as @Zaype stated, its very hard to see when your low on HP Event planners needs to be able to - Change maps, spawn props, like many other said, could boost event ideas alot
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    -SUPPORT This has been suggested about 5 other times. M9K has a lot of broken guns as well, they are also much more unbalanced than FA:S2 ones. The slowness when you change to a gun to shoot is to add realism. And the problem is if we swap everyone will lose all their guns and perma weapons would have to be changed and a whole lot of nitty gritty stuff would have to take place. and anyway there is a reason why drizzy decides to use FA:S2 on all his servers rather than M9K.
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    DENIED. Unfortunately at this point in time, I've decided to deny your application on the grounds that you have put little to no effort into your application, also provided incorrect references. You may reapply in a minimum of 2 weeks.
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    i 100% agree large and salty have worked there arses off for us to have a fun and for me and genders first swrp server and i absolutely love it and im sure genders would agree. @LionsDen you 200% should always be mentor as you are so helpful you always stay calm even in the most heated situations so well done keep it up Reidyy <3
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    Not happening at this stage.
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    Agree. 10/10 IGN
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    Just a small notice that the recent downtime on the website & game servers should now calm down a lot. We've been performing a lot of updates that impact the infrastructure Hyplex runs on. We should be pretty much good now. Thanks for the continued support <3
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    It wasnt too bad. Good to see it fixed.
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    +Support I saw him take a sit once. Handled it Professionally Good luck Lemon
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    Can't agree more, he is both helpful and kind at the same time, great staff. <3
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    Yes, I also agree with this. He is helpful is all situations and keeps his cool which is rare coming from most staff but he he also answers questions hella fast about bases and stuff but yeah. He is a really helpful staff member.
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    Don’t like the idea of this as it’s been seen on swrp before. If we were to do something like this we would need it to be unique, when I thought of this idea, the first thing that came to mind was a certain server name. If we come up with something unique, when people hear of it they’ll think of Hyplex. But if we can’t think of something unique I don’t believe this should be added, however I’m going to see other people’s opinions on this.
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    Here is another banging update, this is also quite small but should buff some role play and in-game features to make the server more realistic and better to play on. Also remember to use the suggestion post on the forums for some new / improved content to hit our users demands. 1.0.2: Drones - CTE use them, 74th use the medical drone Cuffs are slightly stronger - Sorry that they bug out everyday /Roll command - For RP situations /looc command - Local OOC chat, keep it mind this is not the best 212th 2ndLT+ Get Shields - Debuff as PVT ect don't need it CG Shields - For every CG for good rp Another Jedi - Mace Windu, to lead 187th 187th Buff - 2ndLT+ Get better weapons, smoke nades for all Secret little Christmas troll you will find out This will be implemented either midnight or later in the day
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    -Closed- Most of these won’t be added, like the buffs etc. However we will add some.
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    Good job @LIFE.EXE. You will definitely be rewarded especially from what I’ve seen of you aswell.
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    -Accepted- The player clearly has no intent to follow rules or be respectful on the server I am simply going to issue a permanent ban as he clearly is only here to cause trouble.
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    Hmm, I saw something like this in another server a while back, It's like a bus stop but you pay a bit of money to be teleport-ed to any section of the map.
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    -DENIED- As a Serious RP server, we need serious staff, not whom of which will mess around here and there. You may re-apply in 2 weeks.
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    LuckyModzz is a great staff member and I believe that he may be one of the best members of the staff team. He is on every single time that I am on and he is always administrating and handles sits very well. He handles stressful situations just as well also. I think that he try's to make the community a better place, and what better way to show it than to appreciate him for it. Thank you Lucky for doing all that you do and keep it up man! @LuckyModzz
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    Wow joined the forum 5 minutes ago, makes a staff compliment and gets a response almost instantly!!! Wow. Good Job.
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    Did no-one acknowledge what I just said? @FSClutch
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    @Dhelep Is a mega loser, also he got rekt in a dissbattle
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    A quest you say? Am interested..
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    How bout this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=750828321 Or: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=712974155&searchtext These will add more to the Star Wars theme <3
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    The staff is supposed to encourage new players and help them understand the game so that they can enjoy it with everyone else. If you have some time in-game I will help you out, just send me a PM.
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    i think it should just be not allowed. none of this "if both of you take part" because even that could easily misunderstood. there needs to be a firm rule stating no mugging or kidnapping
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    Thank You, you have been a really nice guy and I am happy that I could help you