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    Hey guys, thought I'd do another credit giveaway because we've got a good amount of new players since my last one and may as well give everyone a chance, right? Credits are the alternative to a VIP package. You (usually) buy these and you use them to buy perks (Such as armor, more props) , perma weapons and cash in game... and today, I'm giving them away for free. To enter, all you need to do is leave your SteamID (steamid.xyx) below and feel free to heart for an extra 2 entrys. This will last until Sunday the 18th March, 1 week from now - but could always be extended with a popular request Let me know if you have any questions regarding this! Good Luck!
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    Prob fix in the update 1. Buy 6 boxes for collecting leaves. 2. Walk over to the coco plants 3. Fill each box by holding it next to the plant (each box holds 30 leaves , 1 plant has 15) 4. Go back to your base 5 Buy 4 buckets of Kerosin 6. Put the box on the bucket (Each bucket holds 45 leaves) using your physgun. Wait till the box is empty. 7. Fill all the buckets 8. Shake the 4 buckets until it says "ready to use" above each one 9. Buy 2 buckets of "Water for drufing leaves" 10. Place 2 kerosin on each bucket 11. Shake the filled water buckets until it says "ready to use" above each one 12. Buy a bottle of sulfuric acid 13. Put the water buckets in it 14. Buy a stove and a gascan 15. Put the gascan in the stove 16. Press E on the stove 17. Buy a pot 17.5 Place the pot on the stove 18. Put the sulfuric acid in the pot 19. Press E on the stove again 20. Wait till the temperature reaches 70 ° 21. Turn off the stove when it happens 22. Buy gasoline 23. Push the pot against it 24. Wait 5 secs 25. Press E on the gasoline 26. Done Now use your physgun to bring it to the cocaine dealer , drop it near his feet and press E on him. Many buckets in this post
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    u don’t the end
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    Accepted. Please contact a admin+ for the removal of your warning.
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    Yeah , Me and Luca were raiding this guy. Then the bitcoin expert came up and said "Lets go boys" and he took out a gun. So it looked like he was raiding with us. So he got shot. Tbh its all his fault.
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    Nah, i'm sticking with oof-is-bae. Because you know ooof is my dad
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    Resolved Your warn was removed. You can kill the warning player after their third warning.
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    Locking this on request of owner until they want more members. PM a Forum Admin if you want it unlocked at any point.
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    If I may quote you Mr @TechnoProGaminG from your application you made for the Indian mafia as well. "Any Past Experiences in organisations (If so who and how was the experience.): N/A. But I Hope to make some here.". Now you claim to have be in Valentino and Alpha. Hmm something fishy here! Also why apply for Indian mafia and this one with different information!
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    ew moincraft !! go wait for drizzy again & win at skywars this time cuz u bad boi
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    i’ll give u 100 mil ingame no joke
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    Like this post for a chance to get 100 million in game dollars! Totally will give it out!
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    why buy when you can legally pirate
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    There are only like 15 people who play on US. It's a cool idea but I don't think it would really work
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    What did the tree say to the dumbass? .. -"Stop posting these fucking jokes you fucking bumbo ass wanker"
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    Wheres the good ones? xd. Make a good jokes one
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    just make sure the DEA isn't looking into you at the time cos you will definitely lose your front door if they see you searching for cocaine on youtube.
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    Your Steam Name?: mjmtgaming Your Discord Name?: mjmt#3976 Your SteamID?: STEAM_1:1:185939528 What is your timezone?: GMT What is your date of birth?: 22/07/04 What is your age?: 13 What is your playtime?: 30hours Do you have a microphone?: Yes. Do you have any experience staffing on other servers / other games (please give names)?: I sadly do not, but hope to gain experience here. Why are you applying for Trial Moderator (minimum of 100 words)?: I applying to attempt to make the Hyplex DarkRP servers safer as when I am on there are normally no staff members on and everyone takes advantage of that by RDMing and Prop blocking the streets etc, I just want to help people on the servers who get RDMed and RDAed when there is no staff on. I also want to try and make everyone feel safer and make them feel welcome to the Hyplex DarkRP server finally I will make sure everyone enjoys their time on the server and no one ruins it by RMDing, RDAing or breaking NLR etc. What is the role of a Trial Moderator (no minimum)?: A trial moderator staffs the server. Why should we pick you? (minimum of 75 words)?: I feel you should pick me as I am active, have a sense of humour and I will deal with rule breakers strictly but give them a second chance after a warning if they continue to break the rules I will ask a Higher rank to assist me or I will attempt to be more strict and warn them each time until it finally results in a ban. I will also try to be a fun trial moderator but professional at the same time. What are the definitions of the following (bonus - give examples); RDM?: Random Death Match, For example say you are walking down the road and someone kills you for no reason it is RDM. NLR?: New Life Rule, For example say you get RDMed and you go to where you died to get revenge that would be breaking NLR. RDA?: Random Arrest, For example if you see a police officer walking around arresting everyone they see that would be RDA. ARDM?: Attempted Random Death Match, For example say you are walking across the road and someone shoots at you and you kill them it is ARDM. How many warnings do you have?: 0 Do you understand that you can be demoted at any time for no reason?: I do understand this I feel if there is no valid reason it should not happen. Do you understand that if you are caught abusing commands that you can be demoted without warning?: I do this is why I will never abuse commands. Do you understand that if you are caught making Elite's job hard that you will be demoted?: I do I am here to attempt to make Elite's job easier . Staff references?: Dillon
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    question why you're up in the middle of the night playing darkrp edit: hey thats what I do
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    RDM is correct I just loooked it up after this and also RDA is correct just looked it up and it says extra Points for example
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    jokes on u java is bad !!
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    Ok so this is how translate this, i took and rdm case, it was luca, and "the other guy" , = Luca was the suspect, Luca killed a guy cause the "other guy" warn luca and his friend 3 times, but "the other guy" dident do anything else execpt told them to leave, so i dont see how luca killed the guy in self defense, when the "other guy" dident do nothing else execpt tell them to leave, "countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm." Wiki for self defense,