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    Being gay has no relation whatsoever to DarkRP at all so the laws are not needed and really just cause conflict. Warning was valid. DENIED.
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    Welcome! Today I will be explaining how to provide proof when it comes to rulebreakers. This guide will be split into 2 sections: Image & Video Image: Starting off, we'll need to figure out how you want to take the images. ShadowPlay: I personally would recommend ShadowPlay, if you have a NVidia Grahpics card. ShadowPlay is pretty simple, you just hit Alt+F1 and it creates a screenshot. These screenshots can be accessed by pressing Alt+Z, then clicking Gallery You have 2 options on how to deliver these images. Option 1: In the Gallery, you click Open file location Send these image files to me personally on Discord or within the Hyplex Discord, or to some other staff. Option 2: Go into the Gallery, hit Share after selecting the image you want to share. Select what platform you want to upload it to. I recommend Imgur. Then press Share again. You would need an Imgur account for this though. After it's uploaded, you can either send it on Discord, or give the link to a staff in-game. Steam: If you can't use ShadowPlay, then here's how to do it with Steam First you're going to want to either press F5/F12 depending on what your screenshot button is bound to. You can also use the in-game Camera tool to take a screenshot, which I recommend. After you have taken the image, you're going to want to open Steam Overlay with Shift+Tab. In this overlay, click Show Screenshots at bottom left. Select the images you want to upload (You can select multiple images by using Ctrl or Shift). Click Upload and select Public Now click on the button that says Show Online and it should open the image within the Steam browser. Copy that web adress and give it to a staff In-Game or on Discord. The link should look something like this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1234567890 Congratrulations! You have now successfully given the staff a screenshot! Video: If you have a NVidia Graphics Card, I would suggest using ShadowPlay. With ShadowPlay, you can have it keep recording and it deletes footage after a set amount. For example if you set it to 20 minutes, if your recording goes past that, it deletes that old part. This way, it won't take up many GigaBytes of space. However, you have to manually save it, but that is pretty easy. First things first is the settings. Press Alt+Z and left click ShadowPlay then Settings Do not worry about setting the quality, it will switch to Custom anyways. Resolution should be set to In-Game I usually have Framerate set to 60. You don't need 60FPS as most browsers can only view YouTube videos at 30FPS. As for the Bitrate, set it to 20Mbps. It may sound low, but the quality is still really good. I recommend setting the length of the video to 20 minutes, so you can be sure to get everything within your video. Now all you have to do is to go back to the menu that comes up with Alt+Z Then leftclick the ShadowPlay on far left, and click Turn On. Now it is recording and whenever you want to save the footage, just open Alt+Z again and left click ShadowPlay. Click Save. Alternatively, you could just hit Alt+F10. Make sure that your microphone is turned on if you have one with the button far to the right. You could use the Record button instead if you want to record more than 20 minutes without having to click Save all the time. Good job! You've made a video! Now for the uploading part. If you haven't linked ShadowPlay to your YouTube account yet, you can do so in the settings on the far right. Click the gear icon (ShadowPlay must be off to access this). Click Connect at the top of settings, then select YouTube at the bottom and log into your account. After your account has been linked, you should be able to directly upload your footage to YouTube. Uploading the video: To upload the video, you have 2 choices. The first method will be the easiest, but will also take longer to upload. It will also take up more space on your harddrive unless you delete it after uploading. The second method will save both disk space and upload time. I highly recommend the second method if you have low disk space and/or slow upload. Method 1: Directly uploading the video. To do this, simply go into the Gallery within Alt+Z. Find the video you want to upload and double click it. Within this part you can select the start and end of your recording so you can choose what to upload. Also remember to select YouTube on the Destination. You might want to set Audience to Unlisted, unless you don't mind the whole world seeing you play GMod. After you've done that and put in the title you want, click Share and it should start uploading. Method 2: Rendering the video within something like Sony Vegas. In order to do this, you will need to open Gallery in Alt+Z and click Open file location. Now find the video you want to upload and drag it into the red box I marked on the image below. You should see a box come up like this Just click Yes. After that, you want to drag the video from that red box down to the area marked in this next image. Within that area, you can select the beginning of the video and the end by simply dragging the 2 yellow arrows at the top left corner of the red box. Once you have selected which part you want to be in your video, you can start rendering it. To render it click on File at top left of the screen, then click Render As. The destination folder should be something like "C:\Users\Your Name Here\Documents\" Name can be anything you'd like. For the filetype, I recommend this blue highlighted type in the image below. There is no point in selecting 1280x720 to save space. You're getting lower quality and it takes up the same amount of space. It doesn't even save rendering time. After you've selected "Internet 1920x1080-30p", you can click Render. After the rendering is done, you'll have a box that asks you if you want to Open or Open Folder. Click Open Folder. Now go to YouTube and go to the Upload page found at top right corner of YouTube. Now simply drag your file onto the webpage and it should start uploading. You should now be able to type in the name and description of the video. Also remember to set your video to Not Listed. All that you need to do now, is to press the blue Publish button. After the video has finished uploading and processing, click on the name to open the page with the video. Copy that web link and give it to a staff In-Game or on Discord. Congratrulations! You have now successfully given the staff a video! Thank you for reading my guide! Please be sure to link this to others who don't know how to do this. ANY feedback is appreciated, be it bad or good.
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    This is false. He can not kill you unless you choose to roleplay along. Drizzy said this in the last meeting. It's also stated in the new rules:
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    @Its OG Shankz You have 24 hours to get 2 valid references who gave you permission to use them.
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    IGN: Zairen Age:14 What are your skills: Better builder than Chaos, p good with a m14. How active will you be?: I kinda have to be active so Very Current Playtime (!playtime) : 270h
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    DENIED. You have no evidence to support your claim, the ban is very short anyways, just wait it out.
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    ACCEPTED. User will be warned for mugging in spawn.
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    Aight, as the acting staff member has realised that he has made a mistake, I'll get you un-banned @Stryz. Though if it truly did say 'disconnected by user', it does mean he left the server himself. - Accepted - Can an Senior Admin+ please unban this STEAM:ID, STEAM_0:0:158793295
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    That'd be to do with you level. On our server you must be level 3 to use AdvDupe2 to prevent trolls spamming it and shit. Can you confirm wether you are level 3+ on UK server?
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    You spelled your clan name wrong on the form
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    DENIED. Get to know the community a bit more before reappling in a minimum of 2 weeks. remember to put more effort into your app aswell and explain what RDM NLR ect actually is.
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    Fair enough. /locked and denied, didn't provide substantial evidence.
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    Ok, I'll lend my hand to help you fix this as I've had the problem myself before @leo. You have either a common glitch with the advanced duplicator which prevents you from opening dupes. Though this seems to start working again after a few days. Try messing around with advanced duplicator in single player and does this only happen on our server? OR, one of your recent dupes is bugged, which prevents you from being able to open any dupes. The only way to fix this is to remove recent dupes you might have gotten.
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    This is a lie. I muted you way before you put down your advanced duplicator because you kept throwing insults. So you did not ask me at any time if I was stuck. There was no chat messages at all. First what happened was that Seth propblocked a guy in because said guy was breaking the rules. You do not break the rules to deal with a rulebreaker, you call an admin and wait for help. So I decided to warn you for propblock. After that you kept throwing insults and told me to do us to do our job so I muted your voice. I was clearly doing my job deleting other players props who were attempting to cause lag (Tons of props welded together then unfrozen and slinging it around). Then you decided to spawn your dupe ontop of me and you never even asked in chat if I was stuck. So I decided to jail you so you could read the rules. I then unmuted your voice and after that, you were constantly throwing insults as Nunu stated above. Also, why are you making a big deal out of people making penises? Do they offend you or something? The person who carried out the ban was Nunu, not me. Not that it makes a difference. I wasn't even building anything. The person building was Luckyy. This kind of toxic behaviour should not be accepted, and to be fair, your ban should be extended. @UberZ @Dylan
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    lmao it was a joke but i'll join sure
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    Can't even remember this, I'm all up for second chances but if I used the term "Fuck Off." to ban you, it was probably pretty serious. - Accepted - Don't let me down @Klop
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    I warned you because it's your job to read the rules. And it states that laws have to be "reasonable/realistic" Which they clearly weren't. Also I did not "abuse" to change the laws. You told me in chat that you refused to remove one of the laws so I demoted you and made myself mayor so that I could delete the law, then I went back out of mayor job.
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    Thank you Asap, you're a good staff member too ?❤️
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    Aight, good luck! Also @Dylan good luck with the DarkRp thing
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    I'm the sole CM for now.
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    So I'm assuming your now the sole CM @UberZ? Or is Dylan both CM and DarkRp manager?
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    #It'sPlanned, we're working on a custom knife system with dope effects which you can trade around etc. Once Drizzy is satisfied with performance and stuff he'll probably get to work on these and the go-karts
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    Agreed, it's pretty irritating. Either that or we make it so you can copy names and steam id's from the tab menu.
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    You don't have to be in the bubble for it to be NLR, you shouldn't be anywhere near that area.
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    @Rhyss you already denied this guy he just re-applied lmao.
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    @EMgaming, also @Killz do you have any proof?
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    Waste of time, this doesn't happen much. If one of the players claims it was an accident and crossfire the staff member needs more proof than just logs to act anyways.
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    Thanks for your concern @Killz, but for the last time we can't do anything about it. The issue is with the addon owner, all his addons broke and only he can sort the issue. Shouldn't be long now till it's fixed anyways.
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    Ay @Xaden | Zairen, would you mind editing my current banner (change the font to 'Have heart one') as well as adding SWRP Event Host? If you don't have time it's fine, just send me the photoshop file of the banner you made me so I can do it myself
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    Grats @Rhyss, called it <3
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    New Gaming Community!?!? Ayy guys, quite a few people requested that I make a gaming community discord so I have done that! You can just chill, play games with others and invite anyone you want to it! I would really appreciate it if you all joined <3 Just beware of @Lethomius Maximus's (Spartacus) shit in the NSFW chat lmao. Message Chaos for the inv link The clickbait af title lmao
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    Apologies, assumed it was due to the fact that we have channels for hyplex.
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    Been waiting for this shit to be announced for ages, sorry to all those I lied to about what I was really doing with that 'side project' lmao. Me and @Kuikentje NL gonna dominate as Commander's of ARC
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    Good job @Jason, keep it up
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    Welcome back @Puncaek
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    As far as I am concerned you must meet the requirements. No-one so far who has applied with over 4 warnings has been given a chance whatsoever.
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    Sad to hear this, thanks for everything <3 You better come visit every now and then @Fira
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    No worries, i'll edit it for you!
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    It happens currently anyways (with the jackpot system) and isn't that bad imo.
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    Great update @drizzy.vip, can't wait to check out those NLR zones.
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    I was talking to doc and he said he still though he was a mentor but i'll change it anyways.