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    Hyplex Forum Staff List. Note: Mentors+ Will have the same permissions as forum admins.
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    IGN: Zairen Age:14 What are your skills: Better builder than Chaos, p good with a m14. How active will you be?: I kinda have to be active so Very Current Playtime (!playtime) : 270h
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    The new max fading doors is 4 so you might want to change that On another note, I don't see why you want a base... It's not like they are of any use other than slight protection. Also, money is irrelevant anyways, all you need is guns/door charge so I suggest you spend your money on that.
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    lmao it was a joke but i'll join sure
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    Level 80 for an M3S90 is a bit overkill as it would take ages. But +Support on the Karambit at level 25 ?
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    #It'sPlanned, we're working on a custom knife system with dope effects which you can trade around etc. Once Drizzy is satisfied with performance and stuff he'll probably get to work on these and the go-karts
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    What Rhyss said about your previous app: "Haven't seen you on enough/ Don't know or trust you at all yet". That doesn't happen in the space of 3 days lmao.
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    @Rhyss you already denied this guy he just re-applied lmao.
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    Just to fill everyone in, the SWRP beta is starting Friday 7:30pm GMT but the server limit will only be 20 for it so don't be late! Though this will be for only DarkRp and SWRP staff. We'll tell you the password at the time and leaking the password will of course result in consequences. The public launch will be next weekend for those who are not staff
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    He litterally says it in his post lmao, read.
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    Mhmmmm, hmu and you can join back lmao
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    Yea we need to do that, next time your on we can sort it out The legend is back! We've both been so hyped for this for ages lmao
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    Been waiting for this shit to be announced for ages, sorry to all those I lied to about what I was really doing with that 'side project' lmao. Me and @Kuikentje NL gonna dominate as Commander's of ARC
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    Lmao ahaha, change it to Havoc or whatever
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    #DispandSage lmao. I just find Hyplex so boring right now ;/
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    Tbh maturity between 10 and 12 is the same. In almost all cases.
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    I was talking to doc and he said he still though he was a mentor but i'll change it anyways.
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    Cheers, Jamie has been moved
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    Nice Work @drizzy.vip!
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    Yes, look what the real Hyplex is behind Elitestudio and other youtubers. -