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    I reverted the forum database to an older version while trying to move the darkrp databases to the new Hyplex webserver. While the forums are working, they're going to be a bit wonky while we catch up with the work I lost. Sorry about that The net result is any assets (images, videos) uploaded after the forum's last update will be missing. Some people will need to re-upload profile pictures, background images, etc. Some people may have lost their entire profiles, and posts. The data loss is about 4 weeks I think. This doesn't impact the game server.
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    Being gay doesn't give you the right to say faggot whenever you want, it's a homophobic slur for god's sake. And telling us that you have been gay for 4 years is just ridiculous and shows you know nothing about your own sexuality. I know this may come across as harsh but there are reasons for it. Warning will not be removed.
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    Stop using the rude reaction for the purpose of removing a persons total rep count, only use it for the intended reason, for rating a person who is being rude in their post.
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    ( @Bulets old post that got taken with the setback) I think we should have a daily server restart because it would overall improve the productivity of the servers due to the fact that it seems everything starts to go laggy after a day or two. This also gives chance for the weapons in the KShop to change.
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    Good job lmao, I need to change this soon though, it's getting a bit old
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    1. Walk up to someone 2. Say "kill me" 3. Done , you're at full hp (Bonus) 4. Report for RDM
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    Denied You just got Trial mod, this makes you seem power hungry as fuck
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    Someone from Aero joined the server and talked about the old server... I just released I joined the server in November 2015 meaning I have been in the community for over 3 whole years. Been here since Aero, Hyplex 1, Hyplex 2, Hyplex 3, Aero Squared and Hyplex Reduct that is mad Aka all the old OG's know Aero & Chill RP.
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    Good afternoon, My name is Dr Bob Johnny and I am applying for a senior position on the forums. I do not believe a full application is necessary due to my education Education: Phd in Forumology at the University of Cambridge 1 GCSE in english (Grade D) Regards, Dr Bob Johnny
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    I'm not trying to cause a shitstorm, but personally I think this is a bad idea. The whole point in the wallet caps was to basically reset the economy in a way which still rewards people for their efforts in the past; giving them a head start. The wallet cap also allowed for the economy to actually be balanced. The reality is; when you reset an economy you're not going to fix the issue. This update will release, and people will know the most unbalanced ways to make money within an hour or two - this will be heavily leveraged, and they'll be back where they were in no time. This is the point in the level-based wallet cap. It will prevent them from making too much before we can actually become aware of, and then address what is unbalanced. Unless you're going to go through and do an absolutely monstrous amount of low-level maths perfectly - this release will be unbalanced. This is something I've learned to expect, and the art is really in reacting to the feedback to balance things quickly, before the economy falls too far off the cliff. The wallet cap is the best solution I've thought of in the years I've been running gmod servers, and I urge you to not reset the economy, and to instead enforce the wallet cap. People should also have the ability to transfer items from the old inventory system to the new one (if those items are supported in the new system). The way we're planning to manage the inventories is by having a specialised stripped down server run the old invent addon, and the new one for the first month or two. I've unlocked this thread - and I think it should remain unlocked for a while, provided it doesn't get derailed. I think it's important to consider the communities opinion on this, and personally I think we can find a better solution that keeps a lot more people happy than a point-blank reset.
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    I truly didnt mean to crash the server and I thought if I told someone I would still get a perm ban
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    You could always just message him, there's no need for all these posts you're making.
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    Raid someone's base! Lose health in raid announce to the server that you feel suicidal Jump off the big hotel next to fountain with many spectators repeat step 4 until you die, it may be anticlimactic the first time you jump and you don't die. respawn and you are done! Follow these easy steps and get full health after a raid! 100% Success Rate! Proven to make your... "barrel" bigger ~Love from Boa Constrictor Barry
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    Seems oddly familiar to an existing Italian mafia based gang hmmm.
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    \lock is this even necessary. dillon got the punishment he deserved.
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    I love it how Valentino died hahahahahaha #MetropolisMafiaIsBetter Right @Dillon?
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    Legit, I may not be a higherup on drp but am a higher up in Hyplex, and I came to you offering to take it to the management chat, and all you did was tell me I am not capeable of that. TJ did nothing wrong.
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    You just got t-mod mate. Play a bit more and you will see if your here to stay or just here for a little bit. Seems EXTREMELY power hungry too me and you're defo not ready for this position.
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    First off i just want to thank the staff and the playerbase without the players we would have nothing to staff and without the staff team. Many problems would occour. I am Resigning because i cant keep up with the activity time. I cant stay up to 3-4am in the morning on hyplex and be expected to come online to help. Staying on till 3-4 am in the morning damages my personal health and my school work which shows greatly. I have met many great people while being in hyplex. I just want to say a big thank you to PsychoPeq Reidyy Frazer Rhyss✓ and Freezy. There are many many more to thank but i can not list them all. (GCSE is the reason) I hope i can come back to re apply for staff in a few months when this stuff is over. I wish everyone the best. Dylan Wite <3 - Hyplex ex-Administrator
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    Hello, my name is David, call me by my name idc, but my ingame name is WhiplasH This thread isnt your ordinary "hey im new" thread as ive been here and seen what this server has been and how its changed since forever ago, around maybe 3 or so years. I played on an old version of this server, extremely old. So old, it was the very beginning of hyplex. but the beginning of hyplex is not the beginning of the story. i was a player on a server ran by drizzy before hyplex existed called "AeroGames". it was a very amazing place and i have lots 'n' lots of stories to tell. I probably put like 1000 hours of my gmod time into aero, and it was like a home to me, rules werent too harsh, basing was great, perfect map, cars... friendly staff and absolutely cracking gameplay. I was also able to make 400 million dollars in it and was the most richest player on Aero. my old name from back on aero, as cringy as it is (cut me slack, it was 2015) was David McBoss. if you want to get to know lots more about me, hmu in the discord dm's or find me ingame if you find me wandering my own road. I dont know if i will play often as i do have side projects of my own on gmod with other friends. but if you do see me ingame, please dont be afraid to ask about the olden history of this server and its old old legacy. Now, heres me personally: I am Irish, got the accent and all I can be a fucking memelord and and an ironic shitposter. I do carry some toxicity with me, but its only ever ironic, so if i really insult you, im sorry, thats just the ADD (Attention Defecit Disorder) kickin in. I am actually a sound bloke, and if you treat me with respect, i give it back. I am bisexual, liking both genders equally I am a metalhead and i listen to Thrash and Heavy metal And i know how to have fun and make stuff fun. i hope to see everyone around and be able to get to know the newer players backing hyplex currently, and if you recognise me from the old Aero Days, Hello! And i guess, ill cya around. Much love <3 Guess i'll cya around <3
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    What gang will you be making next week?
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    I've got a dig bick I'm not a girl
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    Can we please bring back the old report system that was on hyplex 2/3. That report system was really easy to use and really nice and clean, This was a nice system that worked really well and was nice for staff AND the players YES The players. This was such a nice system, and nice and clean. Images:
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    I'll see what I can do.
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    No. People have spent real life money buying cash and for it too reset is taking away the service they brought.
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    You have gained a warning since your last application, you aren't trying to improve anything. You are not allowed to apply with 5 warnings anyways. DENIED.
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    Honestly this would be abused in RP... I think that perhaps we should just get an automatic event system that grants cash rewards every hour or so and then we can just do custom events on weekends with Managers who could then have access to extra props.
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    Rugglez rant incoming.
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    give rep plox I need to get to 200 again
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    Right so we ran into a few issues with the forums as Drizzy stated so recent applications have been set back, now just because its been set back doesn't mean that if you got denied you can re-apply because if so we will notice. if you have made a application and it hasn't been accepted or denied up today we would encourage you to recreate it.
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    Kynks can give a verbal as it could have been a simple mistake on the part of the base owner. Verbals happen a lot when they seem to just be small mistakes on the part of the players. This doesn't seem like a huge issue to me and worthy of a staff complaint, maybe more of a warn request.
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    We've had many complaints about this in the past and since people are still havong issues I've decided to add it to the building rules as a disallowed act.
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    Just going to remind you that Dillon isn't a spokesperson for what happens on the darkRP server, he's a forum manger, so don't put the blame on him for any "bamboozling".
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    It sill violates the rule mentioned below;
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    Denied: Feel free to re-apply in 2 weeks, and use the format next time
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    Just wait till the update hits and see what happens with that, As that could bring in new features.
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    People with a lot of money grinded the hell out of weed and moonshine just so they can roleplay the way they want to. Resetting the money takes away all that hard work & dedication. I feel like a lot of players would quit. Definitely a controversial vote edit: Vote only lasted 30 mins ok....
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    Always, but let’s not draw their applicants away eh, we don’t want them.
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    I have been currently building a massive even on the US server and for some reason US server has different prop limits from UK and I cant paste the event down on UK since I'm from UK and I would rather host this event on UK. I'm requesting the prop limits be raised for snr admins+ or whoever can host events to expand our creativity with these events more.
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    He does not have to give you a higher up if you want one. If you are unhappy with your treatment, the forums and discord are here. No point of this post, @TJ123 did nothing wrong.
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    This isn't a suggestion guys, it's a rant. If he was suggesting it it would be in the suggestions subforum.
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