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    Hi, This is a post to keep everyone up to date with whats going on, and fill you in w/ what's been going on recently and some future plans. Firstly, the Hyplex launch has gone really well in my opinion so far, it's done much better than I'd expect - and I wanted to thank the awesome community we've got for sticking around while we've been working on the server, forums, etc. So what's going on? There has been a brief break w/ development as I've been handling a slight nuclear meltdown at Crident. That's now mostly handled so I'm able to continue updates more frequently again. Some people don't understand why I'm pushing new updates so hard currently - and I'm changing some small things to hopefully clear up why development is like it is currently. Hyplex is basically in beta still, and I've decided we're going to be calling it Hyplex beta for now to keep that obvious. The server isn't supposed to be done before it hits 2.0. Hyplex pre 2.0 is going to be feature-lacking, buggy and undergoing constant changes with things. Okay, so what should we expect pre-2.0? To keep it brief, and to only focus on the interesting things: A second US server on a diff map (all data will carry over other than your level in game) Anticheat stuff Crafting (this one is a maybe, I want it to work well...) Leveling system Totally new prop protection Camera changes (the tool), so you can't put cameras through props Text hats Police shields Server intro New spawn system (distribute/random spawn points) Adv dupe trading system Major serverside and clientside performance improvements (FPS, etc.) Event system Attachments and other shit will be invent friendly Armour and health chargers in F4 Random presents spawning around the map Third person Perma custom CS:GO knife builder Upgradable go karts More kshop stuff jump upgrade health upgrade more invent space 100 credit custom chat tag more vip jobs (at least 3) exclusive go-kart things maybe exclusive CS:GO knife effects maybe player model override/other cosmetic things pets much more Major police overhaul (this will continue on into 2.x as there is loads of stuff I wanna do with police) Mayor hit system much more Some other side things are a forum re-vamp, with more ranks that automatically sync in game, new rank badges. The rules are also due for a face-lift at some point, but they're not in critical need of work yet... Obviously there will be an immense amount of bug fixing, and other things added while this stuff is slowly phased in. This should all be done for 2.0 - which is when I'll personally consider the server "ready". I hope you guys stick around to see it all evolve. You're gunna need to bear with me... Obviously I'm only human and sometimes I'll be just too busy to push out updates as fast as we all might want. I hope you guys can understand that, and just bear with me while we do all this. We're also in the process of establishing a self-sustaining staff team - part due to changes which are due (admins being able to unban, mentors setting trial mod etc.), which consumes a load of time and really isn't easy. We've really launched this server in a unique way to how I normally do it, and instead of doing months of prep I just hit the ground running and I'm trying to keep up. This might fuck Hyplex in the long-run, but it got the server out much quicker than it would have normally come out and I think everything is going well enough already to justify that. To staff, being as active as you can while we're doing all this helps immensely. Time is the key thing I need to make the above happen, and while I'm handling staff related things, or there are no staff online it just eats into the time for things above, as it also totally kills my "flow", and can really cause a whole days worth of productivity to half. As another side note, we're currently trying to work out licensing to see if we can also reboot Hyplex 3.0 (if you guys also want this, obviously when we know if we can), which would run alongside our DarkRP servers. Credits would carry through servers etc.
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    Funny how I always found GTA main themes and loading music to fit Server loading screens when requested. About half of the time, they get accepted as the new theme.. or apart of the playlist
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    Please Note the following before applying for staff; You cannot have more then 4 warnings on your in game record. You cannot have a previous (valid) ban on your record. Having 30 hours playtime would be recommended but is not needed. Please follow the following template for applying for staff on hyplex.co servers; Your Steam Name - Your SteamID - Your IG Name - Your current rank - Your requested rank - What is your Timezone? ( EST / GMT / CST ) Your RL date of birth - Why do you want to be staff? What would make you a better choice than others? what makes YOU stand out from the crowd? If Applicable, do you have any references from other staff members? ( PLEASE NOTE: THEY MUST ACCEPT / CONFIRM THAT THEY SAID IT WAS OK TO REFER TO THEM. Failure to do so.. may hurt your chances of acceptance ) Do you have any other additional information for us? Please allow at least 2 to 3 weeks for processing, and good luck on your application! If you do happen to be denied, you can reapply in 2 weeks time!
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    I wish I had the brains to made a base even half as effective / nice as this one.
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    Right I am putting this pic up so you can understand why we take time before we get to your sits This is because I am fed up of players second guessing our decisions and telling us "You took to long" etc or putting in /ooc "the staff dont do anything on this server" We all Work hard for this server
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    User: "Admin you can't ban ME for mass rdm! It was the turret!" Admin: "Oh sorry carry on then"
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    @drizzy.vip This guy is 2 kool 4 skool He also works so hard on the server we play on. So many bugs and fixes were made that no one has even noticed and it just goes overlooked. There was just a post for Docberry but why none for Drizzy? Drizzy does a hell of a lot, and it just gets overlooked. Like i don't even know how much he does so its hard to write this staff compliment but i know he does a lot and i know he deserves a staff Compliment even tho he is a Owner lmao.
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    we're doing it wrong, we need to bring the entire server to the admin area and yell at them more often
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    I fucking agree, And they think Crying and trash talking staff in /ooc is going to make the staff member want to take their sit... When it really doesnt and just prevents the staff member wanting to deal with their toxicity. Im not even bringing up the fact that some people have untaggable names so we have to go to your steam profile to copy your name and some people have the same name or nearly the same name and its a hassle just to tp to you.
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    I honestly wanna give a huge thanks to doc,he is one of the hardest working people on the server that works his ass of day and night to please the people of hyplex and people don't appreciate that enough. Tonight i saw something I've never seen out of doc, he was so pissed of just getting ran over by this kid he just got off. i want to say sorry for those kids that treat him like crap and don't care that he is a human just like everyone else. He is only ever on to do sits or fix the server, and i feel its unfair he never gets to actually have fun and RP on hyplex. Me and soah convinced him to finally forget about the sit for 5 mins and actually have some fun and rp and enjoy him self, and i think he was until people constantly bombarded him with "ADMIN TO ME" "ADMIN COME TO ME" "ADMIN" and he got tired of it and it just killed his mood. I really appreciate the time you put into this server and how much u work your butt off to make people happy. i hope this makes your night a little bit better. I Love You Man <3 @Doctor Berry
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    i don't think i joined in last time so i figure i should this time
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    Banger, Nandos, Slicer, check this out Elite It gets a great vibe going as you join the server. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5co3GsQeQjs
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    I have everything on the server and wanna donate more, so comment you're name and you're steam id and you're name will be put into a random name picker, winner gets 500 credits cause y not hehe xoxo THIS WILL CLOSE AT 10 PM GMT, English Time idk what it is like +01 or something but yeah 3 hours away from now!
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    Just another fanboy's application, not fit for staff. -1
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    I want to thank Uberz for being an amazing friend even tho we played only one time . You are the best,man🤣. Good luck handling moderator and thank you for all the time and effort you put in hyplex
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    This update mostly just changes admin stuff. Change log: Precision has been fixed Awarn perms corrected Plogs perms corrected All ranks have chat tags now !trialmod mentors can use to set people to trial mod
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    That's a real nice base man gg
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    So this leveling system is a good idea but I don't think it's executed correctly. You should be given xp based on your previous playtime so that people who have put in time don't have to wait another 30 hours to get to gun dealer. Currently It will take a long while for anyone to get to gundealer / cop which means that nobody will be able to get guns and you won't be able to rob the bank.
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    No no no no no no no no
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    -1 Never seen you. App is not very detailed at all.
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    I mean using f***ot, always annoy's me and you can see i have warned people in the past, because it is A derogatory slur against someone. And is mostly used for players to disrespect each other without getting warned as the staff team doesn't really mind as a whole and doesnt take offense, but it is a slur that should be on the same level as n*****.
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    I have to agree here, I think we need to sort this asap.
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    I agree to be honest, why is racism no allowed but homophobia is?
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    Drizzy - " it's planned "
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    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what you think would be good music for the loading screen, a song or a fire beat would love to know your suggestions. Current one is driving me nuts. Comment down below some YouTube links!
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    You're not wrong, but in this case, age doesn't matter. If you can prove yourself mature over the trial-mod time-frame, then congrats. Welcome to the team. Also, Platinum_miner was 12 when he joined the team.
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    TOO* Sorry... I had to. Not sorry
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    Autobots, roll out!
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    I'm pretty sure drizzy has made it so that you cannot see noclipped staff in the list of nearby players.
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    Please dont argue on the staff app! Thanks
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    Building/Basing For Beginners (Part 1) Ayy guys, was bored so I decided to make this basic tutorial on building/basing today as quite a few people I've been talking to either whine that they 'cannot' build (cough cough @Xaden), or they are simply new to Gmod and/or the server. As well as myself getting sick of generic dupes that are found fucking everywhere. -- Rules To Remember -- Here's a list of basic building rules, with examples/breakdowns before we get started: - Max 3 fading doors to get into a base and a part of the base containing any object or entity of value (self explanatory). You must be able to fit 2 players between each fading door (no, they cannot be forced to stand on top of each other for this). - You cannot have a building sign while you have any raid-able entities in your base, no exceptions. - Angle abuse is not allowed (making a base in which the player cannot physically shoot the raider due to how the game is made, examples are having a small shooting port at hip level so when standing or crouching it cannot be shot through by raiders, as well as shooting at raiders feet as they cannot lay down and return fire). - World glow is allowed, but not when one way prop shooting (will possibly be changed soon). - You must have a keypad on either side of each fading door (for the ones used to enter the base), and you cannot have more than one keypad on each side of a fading door (no fake keypads). - You cannot make the floor the raiders stand on to enter the base a fading door (foundations must be solid). This includes bridges. - You cannot use 2+ prop thick fading doors to enter the base (although if you have a second entrance/exit this can be used). - You cannot force a player to crouch at any time when entering your base (crouch bases). - You cannot force a player to go back and forth in a maze to enter your base (maze bases). -- Basic Design -- Here's a really simple yet effective base design to get you started! -- Explaination -- In the pictures above we have a simple 12 prop defense that can be placed up against any wall (don't forget to add a roof to it). It's very easy to build and has multiple angles to shoot the raiders from. You simply cannot complain that this is hard to build, it shouldn't take you too long at all. You pretty much have 3 options: shoot them in the head, shoot their legs (extremely effective), or you can simply walk to the end of the defense, and mow them down. This works better when materializing the fading doors so that you can see them from the side and then stand at the front and spray fatal bullets at unsuspecting raiders caught in the tight corridor. Here's some tips when building this: - Place the keypads on the opposite wall so when they try to keypad crack you can mow them down from behind. - Use 2x thick props for the grey props and push the fences all the way to their side to prevent your gun from poking through the props and being visible from the raiders perspective. - For aesthetics, use 2-3 colour's max, and a simple white material for a sleek finish. I suggest grey with any other colour! - You can add shooting ports above and below the raiders to maximize your angles and advantage. - Make all of your fading doors clear once faded (old effect) this makes it much easier to aim at raiders and take them out quickly rather than having the standard blurry fucking material when opening fading doors. - Don't forget to stack your props 3x minimum (4 to be safe) to prevent raiders from blowtorching into your base. - When dealing with door charging raiders, this base won't handle too well. My best suggestion is to stand at the front of the fading doors and spray down at head level which should shutdown most impatient raiders (when they rush in with door charges). - My biggest tip is too not give up when building this, once you have the basic building techniques down all you need is creativity, knowledge of the basing rules and practice to become a great builder! That's all for now, I hoped this helped some of you! If you want a far more complex building tutorial request it in the comments
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    I personally got you perm banned in 3.0... I see your doing the classic *your toxic/abusive* strategy when a staff member calls you out, don't lie lmao.
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    Ooh it looks cool and I like the castle style!
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    Well next time get them to make responses which mean something and aren't just insulting Zairen, He's a good mod and doesn't deserver this treatment.
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    Yeah you two are probably little shits who have been warned by Zairen in the past for breaking rules. Infact you two are probably just ALT's/friends of cloud just here to try make Zairen look bad but honestly you're not doing a good job, would still believe Zairen over 2 random people anyways. And fyi the fact that you don't like Zairen doesn't mean jack shit in relation to this complaint so why the fuck post such a stupid comment. Also looking foward to this evidence you have cloud.
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    You're literally Jesus in disguise Drizzy.
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    i can't help but find it disingenuous when people just say they have all these issues all of a sudden... actually admitting they're issues is normally the hardest part, and you seem to have just knocked that out the ballpark on multiple occasions with ease
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    He cut his vocies out to make himself look good lol -1
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    I'm forwarding this on behalf of @drizzy.vip and my sanity so I don't have a million "Where's the server omg u sux" topics. We had a bit of a technical incident in one of Crident's normal operations.. that incident is currently affecting hyplex among also some customers. So until that issue is resolved, our server is currently down.. we don't have a total downtime right now but It might be off for the entire night ( GMT ) entire day (Est) and I know that really sucks coming on the heels of not just the weekend but in the US there's currently a Jewish holiday and the schools are closed, So.. yea. Our temp IP is now up.. it is : IP
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    That’s an awful idea. What happens if there’s someone raiding pd??? What happens if nobody goes police anymore because of lack of ammo , not good enough guns and then they have to get a gun from an armoury. It’s just a bad idea as it will decrease the amount of people who enjoy going police. And if they did mass RDM which rarely happens , demote them or call staff. It just sounds like a bad reason to stop people joining and going as a cop to RDM , it makes no difference. But overall I dislike this idea very much. -Support
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    yo i just made this random ass video of me trolling on some dumbass servers, y'all should check this shit out. sub to me if you haven't, thanks
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    Moved to complements section.
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    Seems like you never met me great job chaos and ming