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    SWRP for noobs This will tell you the basics you need to know. I just spawned in and have no idea what I'm doing. So you should be in a giant, mostly empty room that has some of the basics like ranks, clone laws, DEFCON levels, and some keys you need to know on the walls around you. But the first thing you actually need to do is find a trainer to get you from your current rank of Clone Recruit (CR) to Clone Trooper (CT). If you attempt to leave the spawn area before becoming a CT, Clone Guard (CG, they're a Police / Cop unit) will arrest you and place you in jail for lonely minutes. So to find a trainer you will need to locate someone of Warrant Officer(WO) rank or higher in the spawn area that can get you and likely the other CR's around you through training to become a CT. You can generally tell that someone is a trainer if they're not a plain white clone trooper, are attempting to line people up against a wall, and/or announcing over chat/voice that they're training new recruits. If all else fails, simply announce over voice/chat that you would like to be trained and someone should be with you shortly. Why do I have to be trained? Because you clearly don't know what you're doing, so the training is to help ease you into the basics of Clone Wars RP. As well this is a serious RP server so you need to be taught the basics of what not to do and information that you need to know. So I'm a CT, now what? So there are couple things you can do: Wait until you see someone announce over voice/chat they're doing tryouts for group Wait for an event to start Wait for someone to open up a combat simulation (TDM or Attack/Defend) in the Citadel Talk to people Patrol around and RP with others I urge you to join a regiment/group by passing the tryouts this way you can be apart of the community and make friends, funny enough it is a great way to make friends and work on your speaking skills. As well if you stay in CT you are limited to what you can do. Ok, sooooooooooo what do I do while waiting around? Pretty much just run around the ship exploring the different areas and familiarizing yourself with the layout. You can have your blaster (slot 3) out while you do so but it must be put on safety (Shift+E+R to toggle), failure to do so will result in you being arrest by the CG. Furthermore, pointing the blaster at another player or firing at / killing another player outside of an RP situation will also get you arrested and depending on the incident it could result in staff stepping in. But what are tryouts? If you open the F4 menu (by pressing F4), you will see a list of groups in the regiment tab menu that you can try out to be in. Tryouts are normally sent over chat in "Local Comms" message detailing the time, location and group that is doing tryouts. Tryouts typically are located on the second floor of the ship in the hangers and underpass. Some of the special ones are listed below: NAVY : Allows you to be an officer on the ship, doesn't do much in the way of combat and is mostly a leadership role. CG : Allows you to be a Clone Guard member, they mostly enforce the clone laws and maintain order on the ship. What is an event? Randomly, or when done by event planners, enemies will spawn in a part of the ship. At that point, a Navy officer will switch the DEFCON and alert the ship to repel boarders. If you are part of a group and that group's leadership is online they will typically start issuing orders for everyone to meet at a location on the ship to help repel the attack as a group. If all else fails just follow the stream of other clone troopers and you will inevitably be taken to the event location. On the Event server which will require you to report to briefing room and hold C and click on SWRP #2 to connect. Did you say something about Simulations? The most common thing you will find happening on the ship would be combat simulations. These are usually announced in chat as either a Broadcast or Communication and will either say they're open to the public (you can join) or for a specific group (outsiders can't join). These are either done in the "Citadel". You can find these rooms by heading to the second level of the ship and heading towards the engine room (sign on the door says "Engine" in red). Now instead of heading into the engine room (which will get you arrested, see the notice), you will go left for the Citadel room. Once there, simply follow the instructions of whichever officer is leading the simulation and they will explain to you what is going on. FAQ Here are some general questions you'll probably be asking: How do I earn credits / in-game money? You earn a salary based on your rank every hour in-game and a small amount of killing droids. Can I get grenades / ammo? Yes, ammo, stimkits, grenades can be found at the vendor in the armoury(deck 1). Can I get different weapons? Indeed, each regiment has different type of loadout to suit peoples playstyles, you will need to join a suitable regiment for you. Can I get buy armour? Yes, head to the armoury vendor. How do I level? You will passively level as you play on the server and earn additional XP for killing enemies (like droids). (Jedi only) Do I have to salute Jedi as a trooper? No. Do I have to salute a trooper as a Jedi? No. How do I sit on something? You will sit wherever your crosshair is pointing when you press Alt+E. How do I use comms? There are 2 different types, One is "Local Comms" which is only on the server you are on[/lcomms] or "Global Comms" which sends text between the 2 servers, this is useful for communicating between Navy. But beware because event enemies can track these transmissions[/gcomms]. How do I become a Non-Clone Trooper Character? You can visit our donation shop and buy Jedi or other characters available[!shop]. Once purchased you will have the character job in your "Characters" menu on the F4 Menu and you can select and create. How do I create a Character? Click on Create Character and fill out your name(without a prefix) and select the model and click finish.
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    Hello, this is my formal resignation from the Hyplex. I have thought about this for a long time and I feel if now is a good time for me. I take much time out of my day to check discord and talk to people when I should be studying or doing homework. I've lost a lot of interest in GMOD. The only reason I was staying was to play on SWRP but sadly, we have little to no player base and in my opinion, I doubt it ever will. I like to think I have had a good run. I gave a lot to the server. After a small break of GMOD and after finals, I might come back as a staff member and have a good time. I would, however, like to keep my rank as Kit-Fisto on SWRP as I will still try my best to play there as a User, not a staff. I have no beef with any player so it has nothing to do with that. I am only leaving for the sole purpose that I don't enjoy it. So if I don't mention you down below, I don't dislike you, we just never got close. @willamduffy - Thank you for training me as a T-Mod in DRP. You gave me Forum Senior Admin -> Forum Co-Manager and thank you so much for that opportunity. I hope I did you well. @UberZ and @Dylan - Thank you guys for helping me when I needed it. You guys play bickering in staff chat was always super funny and a highlight of my day. @Dillon - Thanks for talking to me on occasion about random shit. Much love @Large - Thanks for letting me help you as much as I could with SWRP. I really hope you guys get a good player base and I want you to have a successful server. /me Salutes to Grand Admiral Large. @Cryption - We bickered a lot but you were always a good guy. I wish you the best of luck with Crident and I hope you do Hyplex well. Good job on SWRP amigo. @slothy - Send me your address and next Christmas, I'll send you the best American cheese grater we have to offer. Good damn job on SWRP. @drizzy.vip and @jackk - You guys have made a damn good community. But, this update needs to come out @Jason - Let's play some Roblox Prison Break soon. You too UberZ @TJ123 - You are the biggest gay there is my friend. I highly suggest this man gets Senior Admin or higher. Best US staff member there is. @Gummie - You are big gay as well. My steam ID is STEAM_0:0:101006524 so you guys can remove my roles on servers. Thank you all so much for this great time in the community and I wish it nothing but the best of luck! (P.S. I wont be making a rival server so don't worry.)
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    To clear something up, I am only resigning from DarkRP, I will always stay active on the forums. Well, It seems like I only just joined the server. Joined in early December. Got staff on Christmas Day. Now leaving March 31st, Seems like an early April Fools Joke. I would think of it as an Early Christmas present. You might be wondering the reason why I'm leaving. Well, I'm bored. Allow me to expand, I feel like there's nothing to do, same repetitive thing. I was dedicated at the start and that's why you might have seen me progress the ranks too quick. I was an admin before @Frazer° (he was in the staff team for about 2 months before me). I got the rank of admin in less than a month. I knew I would stay there for a while, then I got the rank of Sr. Mod Leader. I was happy, Something new! Finally, I felt good that I might have to lead a team and R.I.P. I didn't mind this, I wasn't angry I understood, however, it went back to the norm, nothing changing. It might be just me but I would rather small possibly buggy updates rather than 1 big update that has no set time. I realize that Dev'ing takes a long time but. Too much false hope. My resignation is mostly me not wanting to take up space because I am inactive because I was bored. If you are on my friends list, you will see me on CS:GO a lot or on other GMOD servers. I love messaging around and having fun. I don't mind being serious but there is no change, just extremely boring overall for me. Also not to shit on the server, my opinion on stuff in an extremely unorganized way, the server is great, just not for me. Now the traditional thanks section: @willamduffy - My babes, was the one to encourage me to join the server and join the staff team. @luca - For accepting my bribes to call me the best admin and being a top-notch lad. @Rhyss - Being a great lad overall @Lil Life - Being a friend for most of my time in the staff team. @Sanity - Being an underrated lad. @Freezy - Being an inactive fuck and slightly below average temperature. And these are my emotes: , , . I love them like they are my children.
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    Before this post gets deleted, I think we should be truthful to the community and not making a warp of the situation. @drizzy.vip Feel free to remove it, but i think people should hear what actually happened. Explanation of what occurred, and my opinion. As highly requested in my pms; what actually happened with UberZ and I being supposedly demoted. Note: Drizzy did the right in this case. So here we go with what actually happened so I can stop having to repeat myself to everyone. UberZ and I were demoted on the circumstances of the fact we wanted to resign and it could potentially fuck the staff team over (I would of given warnings before actually just dropping myself from management but Drizzy rightfully thought that we had the intent of giving no warning and ruining the staff team). So there was a miniature argument between the management about something I can’t actually remember, it then lead to Jackk not having enough time to view the situation and him to judge off one side of the story. I got pissed and wasn’t having the best day, so I went into the live chat where UberZ and Dillon were talking (only Dillon, UberZ and I were added to this chat). UberZ mentioned his time coming to an end, called the server dead: due to the fact old members were leaving and it was not never the same. I said I wanted to resign due to the fact I didn’t feel like I was being treated correctly. We then found out the next day that the little snake fucker Dillon leaked our chat and changed the whole situation. I woke up, got a message and found out my ranks were removed and had received several messages from Jackk telling me to forcefully resign. 5 minutes later, I received the most hated thing a staff member would want to see: big boy Drizzy telling you that you were demoted. We created our threads and decided to create our own community. Which keeps getting shitted on and compared to communities that have been up for years, by Dillon. I really trusted that fucker. And recommend that no one trusts him, unless you want 6 months hard work down the drain. Quick point aswell, he took my role, so basically he knew that he would gain a promotion from fucking us over. Now I hear from people that he wants to resign. I’m gonna pester the guy who told me and get those chats and fuck him over like he did to me. So hopefully I can stop getting pmed asking what happened and hopefully this thread doesn’t get deleted. ps. Dillon is a cunt UnerZ opinion/story Here is a small message from UberZ; I never intended of leaving the staff team in a state of manic and mania but I wasn’t given much of a choice, I wasn’t given the time to close loose ends and fix any issues, I was demoted for doing something harmless. If you think that Dylan and I actually planned a joint resignation to fuck up the community then you are mislead, we did not plan anything, we were just tired of the server and bored, we were holding out for an update to increase out moral but we were removed much to prematurely. Now it’s all thanks to someone called Dillon that all this occurred, now he probably led you to believe that he would be an amazing GM, and initially I did too, but he decided to leak our messages and get me and Dylan removed from the staff team, which just shows that he has ulterior motives (getting our position). Now it would probably come to a surprise to you when I say he’s done nothing as a GM, now you may simply say that I’m talking shit but I’m not, I’ve been told by many people that he’s done little to nothing since his promotion apart from playing on a different server. Now many sources have told me various things about what has been going on in the staff team which I’m not going to divulge but from my understanding this new management team hasn’t exactly done marvels so far. The following is a response to a post Drizzy made in the thread “Eye Opener” which can be found here; https://hyplex.co/forum/index.php?/topic/3148-eye-opener/ Let’s begin; "the current management team has failed to resolve previously highlighted issues with the staff team" I do not believe that that was the case, and regardless of your opinion on the matter it was an ongoing problem, from before we became staff even, the staff team has never been particularly strong, but we tried out best and implemented new things to combat issues in the staff team. " it's hard to say. However their plans to leave Hyplex weren't considerate to the work everyone else has put in, and I'm personally disappointed about that" We weren’t leaving hyplex nor were out plans set in stone, we were just planning on resigning from our position. Also don’t forget that we have put a lot of effort into this community as well and I think that this is a very unfair sentence to use. “There hasn't been enough energy or optimism injected in the last few months from the leadership of Hyplex.” What were we suppose to do, we were lacking new features, updates and everything else, how Thanks for reading and hopefully I don’t get banned for sticking out the truth.
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    It has been really fun to become part of something awesome but now I don't really have the time since I am going to be investing my time into something I am more interest in. It was nice meeting you all and enjoying my time spend on the server, good luck to the future to you all, bye. @Kynks @Brad
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    Hi, I am proud to announce that our starwarsrp server is now open. Some new features you can expect to see upon joining the server; Character Creation Custom Map Regiment System Train System Custom F4 Menu (no it's not darkrp, ffs) Custom context menu F1 Inventory Custom Third Person SeriousRP Custom Scoreboard And probably many many more features that I can't think of Basically 100x better than DarkRP base If you're interested in joining, type "connect" Regards, Cryption.
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    Hey, so yeah, I think that's it, you finally got rid of me. The ban I got today opened my eyes. Congrats to everyone who hates me, sorry to everyone who likes me. I might come back to say goodbye, I might come back when an update arrives, but I'm not sure. Before I leave I want to mention some people who made me love the Hyplex DarkRP UK server (Ignore if you don't care) : @Nerchio Thanks for being such a good Moderator and thanks for always doing stupid stuff with me. Wish you best of luck in your life ! (pokimane is thinn) @Boa Constrictor Barry He is just the best Admin on the whole server and is up for fun. @Frazer° Thanks for making me feel like what teamwork truly means, the times with Valentino were amazing and it tought me so much. @Cryption Thanks for all the good crowbar fights and funny moments on my slide ! @Stitch Thanks for being in my organization. We had fun times and a lot of good raids. I love you (no homo) @Omlette Thanks for always making me laugh with your old microphone and loud PC fan. @Kaliot One of the most chill dudes I know. Thank for being my favourite raiding partner. @SLickY Thanks for helping me with building ideas and my org management. ( First member of my org) @Fluxy The scamming session were just the best ! @PsychoPeq Thanks for being such a nice staff member and accepting my org as an ally ! @Hex Thanks for being my favourite enemy and then evolving into a Moderator of my org ! @CallumT305 We had some fun times. Thanks for supporting me and my org ! @OtryxDest I will miss your ear rape screaming and I don't even know why. and special thanks to : @Coward.TV He is one of my buddies I like to play with the most. I could play 24/7 with him without it getting boring. Thanks for supporting me with everything you Coward See ya guys
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    Wow, resigning is a good way of getting forum rep, 4+ forum rep already. You guys should try it out!
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    ClonewarsRP 2.0 Rules Make sure you follow the rules at all time to ensure maximum gameplay - breaking the rules will result in you being punished, such as receiving a ban, kick, or warn. The server is SeriousRP, therefore breaking the rules will result in harsh punishments - our staff team follow the specific punishment guidelines put into place by Management to ensure that you're getting a fair punishment - however, this could still be a ban for something little. All rules stated below must be followed at all times to prevent punishments needing to be handed out and to ensure that there is maximum roleplay experience. General Rules Random Deathmatch This is when you kill someone without valid reason within roleplay - for example, killing a fellow clone. This is taken seriously, especially if in an admin situation. Random Arrest This is mainly for Clone Guards, however, this is when you arrest someone without a valid roleplay reason Hacking & Exploiting This is taken very seriously, and will result in a permanent ban without question - the game was made to be fair for everyone, so don't ruin it for them by using external programs or exploits within the game itself. Trolling & Minging. This is taken seriously as we expect you to be acting serious on the server, not messing around and being disruptive towards others experience within the server. Impersonation Any attempts at impersonating another user, especially a staff member of Hyplex will land you in a lot of trouble, as we can easily find out if you're attempting to act like someone else or not. Swearing Swearing is 'okay' however, try to keep it to a minimum as you wouldn't see clones running around swearing left, right and center. Corruption Acting corrupt will get you in a lot of trouble unless you've been given direct permission from an event planner or someone in Management for an event. FailRP This is the act of doing something that you wouldn't ordinarily see in the clonewars - for example, someone running around the ship bhopping or surfing. Loopholes Creating a loophole to get yourself out of being punished will only make the punishment worse, so don't do it. Disrespect Treat others how you wish to be treated, don't disrespect anyone - as we will not act lightly on it. Communication Rules Metagaming This is using out of character information to get an advantage in-character, for example, receiving information out of character and using it to your advantage in-character. Micspam Micspamming will only cause you to be gagged, so save yourself from doing it in the first place. Chat spam Spamming the chat for no reason will result in you being muted, so don't bother. Advertising Advertising other communities will only cause you to be instantly permanently banned, so don't bother - you won't get far. Incorrect use of the chats This is when you use the wrong chat for the wrong purpose, for example - using the global communications system for something that should be in the out of character chat. Regimental Rules Regiment Hopping Once you join a regiment, you must stay in that regiment for at least 48 hours. Equipment Abuse Do not abuse the equipment given to you, for example - do not abuse your stun stick as a Clone Guard. Clearance Abusing Do not abuse the clearance level given to you by your choice of regiment, if you're caught abusing your clearance you will most likely be punished heavily by your commanding officers. Weaponry Rules Weapon Abuse Do not abuse your weapons in any way shape or form Do not share your weapons with another person, they don't have them for a reason. Random Discharge Don't randomly shoot your weapon without reason - there's simply no need for it. Enemy Weaponry Don't use enemy weaponry whatsoever, it will only cause you to be punished as this links in with FailRP. Jedi Rules Lightsaber Abuse Don't randomly ignite your lightsaber. Don't kill teammates with your lightsaber. Force Abuse Don't abuse your force powers, if you're caught doing so you will be punished heavily. Don't use force abilities you're not meant to have access to, for example - don't use a masters abilities as a padawan. Please note, these rules are subject to change at any time, so be sure to check them regularly in order to keep up to date with the rules - if you're not up to date you could end up getting in trouble for something you thought was okay. If you're caught breaking the rules, expect to be punished, we're a SeriousRP server meaning if you're going to break rules you'll be punished a lot quicker than normal. If you have any suggestions or ideas for the rules, be sure to message either someone on the StarwarsRP Management Team or myself.
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    Warnings should be removed automatically after 3 months is elapsed.
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    Bye you magnificent wankers. Quitting darkrp staying on the forums doe. Hall of fame: @luca @SLickY @Allucious @Coward.TV Chances are you'll never see me in game again. See ya
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    Note: had permission from Dillon to post this. Server (StarwarsRP/DarkRP): All servers and the discord. Your IG name / Steam name: Rad | Chaos Your STEAM-ID: STEAM_1:0:96377780 Who banned you and why: Presumably one of the GM’s or Jackk, for toxic behaviour after the UberZ and Dylan forced resignation scandal. Why should you be unbanned: I know I fucked up and I acknowledge that. Although I may have been intoxicated at the time it was fully my fault. What I said in that private discord DM was bad, and although my punishment is considered by many too be overkill I was rightfully punished at the end of the day. I’ve had time to reflect and know that I won’t make the same mistakes again. During my time here at Hyplex I’ve made mostly positive impacts except for a few slip ups including this one so I would appreciate being able to play on SWRP and DarkRp again (once update drops) as well as being unbanned on discord. That’s all I have to say, thanks for your time.
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    Ah right.. let's begin this then shall we. First of all, I did not ban KillSwitch I muted him because I was preventing him from continuing to be toxic, and then he left and went over to the discord server - causing even more shit there, so I muted him on there and I guess he decided to mature up and leave it at that, you on the other hand continued and I'm kind of glad you did continue to make a report, we all make mistakes and we're all human - and I know I probably shouldn't have banned you for a week, however you were literally acting toxic in the admin situation & then proceeded to kill Insane after he shot you, which I infact warned him for, but I guess you didn't see that. Secondly, Insane wasn't some random person on the street - he is apart of my organization and I told him to go out there and kill him as I had a "Building" sign which you seem to have recognised, and then proceeded to blow my door up, causing me to be interfered whilst I was busy building my base, so essentially some sort of raid while I am trying to build my base with a building sign, you didn't see me crying about it or complaining about it in OOC, I just closed the door again and continued rather than causing even more of a scene. Thirdly, I closed those reports because there was no reason for the report to take place, it wasn't RDM, my base was being broken into whilst I had a building sign and he's in my organization, therefore giving him the rights to kill anyone trying to do such actions. I am glad you wrote this report because I know I've probably made a bit of a mistake, and I'll unban you, however, I don't want to see anymore toxic behaviour because I'm trying to eliminate it not bring more of it in. None of you really understand the amount of stress I'm going through right now, and I'm not going to be a coward and not mention names - but I personally think I could do with more help from Dillon & Jason and then I'd be chill all the time and this sort of thing wouldn't have happened. The rules which you all hated, was actually reversed this afternoon if you read them. One thing I really don't understand is why you proceeded to get involved when it was clearly between myself and KillSwitch I didn't tell him not to take the sit, I said it's a load of bullshit because there was no reason for the report to be there in the first place, hence why I closed them. The only kids that seem to really be salty and mad at me for whatever reason are the ones apart of Italian Mafia which seems to be a coincidence because you all liked me until I community banned brad & kynks for reasons which shall not be disclosed, so if anything this is a personal issue with me, which you can DM me at any time and I'll try my best to resolve any issues you may have with me. KillSwitch was actually asking to be banned on the day I banned Brad & Kynks, in which I was actually close to doing due to how much he was shit talking and saying that their community ban wasn't deserved, which myself, Dillon & some of the other managers actually agreed on. The staff activity has been at an all time low, which is why I brought Athiux in because I know he is capable, likewise why we brought Kaliot in, because we know he is active enough to take up the role, I don't think any of you users really understand the nagging process I have to go through to get staff online, and none of you really know the amount of stress I have to go with, I've got Hyplex to deal with, Crident to deal with and IRL issues to deal with, which I'm not going to mention as they're private. I removed your ability to stop seeing the other channels KillSwitch because of the shit you were causing in general after I had told you to take this to the forums - but you didn't, so I proceeded to mute you. Now, whatever the punishment may be for whatever I've done wrong - I'll take it, however when you're acting immature and being toxic in the channels after the situation had happened I was in the right to mute you. Anyway - I'm not going to reply to this with anymore, and I'll let Jackk or Drizzy handle this from here. Regards, Cryption.
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    Not To be rude in any way but cryption has been abusing to be honest Freaky was banned for "Rdm in a sit" but yet the person that had made this sit actually try to Att. Rdm Freaky by shooting him in the foot and also Killswitch was muted for no good valid reason if you scroll up you can see that cryption is threatening him ban him,while staff shouldn't have to threat a player but should tell them with respect that if he continues he will be banned.Cryption had just gone over the line to much.Not to be rude but trying to be honest 😶
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    I'll be accepting my community manager rank back again, i'll give you 24 hours to give it to me before I demote you all.
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    DarkRp update: 3 months and counting SwRp: Whole server rework < 1 month
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    Due to there not being a response from either Jackk or Drizzy, I've decided I'll handle this. I'm willing to let you back into the community on one condition @Chaos and that is that you don't do anything like it again or it'll stay next time. Message me on discord @ Cryption#0001.
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    I don't think people who aren't involved should comment. And considering it's mostly staff, maybe you should take a look at the staff complaints guidelines to remind yourself. /hidden useless comments
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    Hey there! I'm Luke, a freelance developer and graphical designer who (as my rank suggests) like's to volunteer and offer my services for free to a select few communities that catch my eye. So, want to know a bit about me do you? At the time of writing this, I'm a 17 year old budding programmer and graphical designer with 4 years of experience under my belt for gLua development and about 5-ish maybe 6 years of graphical design experience to accompany it. My main passion in life, although it has switched 3 times now, is to persue a career in graphical design and branding. Originally I wanted to be a Web Designer, or at least a programmer of sorts, but that soon developed into wanting to be an architect before finally changing to my now final goal within the graphical design industry. Which gamemode is lucky to have me working with them? Well I'm happy to say that I'll be working on the development of both Dark RP and Star Wars RP - however it has to be said that I will mainly be sticking to Dark RP for my early days here at Hyplex. Hope to see you around, Luke Call
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    Steam Name: RealPikoo Discord Name & Discrim ( Cryption#0001 ): Kamil#5900 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:98530359 TimeZone: 00:00GMT Date of Birth: 28/02/2002 Age: 16 Total Playtime: 105hrs Total Warnings: 2 Staff References ( they must confirm for them to be valid ): Arthiux, Sanity, dillon, KrypticParadox Do you have a microphone(Yes/No): Yes Side Hobbies/Projects that may affect my activity: None as of now. I am working on a project to make a mod for GMOD to have an anti-cheat that checks for users files and learns from it. How many hours are you able to be online the DarkRP server a week ( approximately ): 5-7hours Do you have any experience as a staff member on other servers / other games (please censor names): I used to have my own server about 2 times. I was staff on here. I was also staff on CS:GO on a 1v1 mode. Why are you applying for Trial Moderator ( minimum of 100 words )?: I have seen a lack of mod's and admins on the server. Most likely i will be able to be on at anytime anyone calls for help or assistance. I will probably be moderating the server ever day to keep everything looking good. I always try and keep the people on the server happy and i have done for a long time on many different servers. I think i would be able to flip the server back around onto its front and help it go back up. I have worked for many servers. But as known i have worked on this server as staff and i'd like to do it again. It was a great experience and everything always went out great at the end What is the role of a Trial Moderator ( no minimum )?: To keep the server clean and take as many reports as possible. Also to get as much respect from the person that you gave the respect to. Why should we pick you? ( minimum of 75 words )?: I have moderated on this server before and I understand a lot of the rules as they stand. I also moderated on many different servers which makes me used to obviously moderating a server. Which helps the "tickets" go as fast as they can go. I also stay passive and respective to the people that talk. Another reason to pick me is because I go on the server most of the times. For the past week or so I haven't been pulled into an admin sit for bad doing. (Except for being "Fishy") What are the definitions of the following, be sure to include examples: RDM: Random Death Match=There is a Civilian walking down the road and a marauder kills him for no reason. NLR: New Life Rule=If someone gets killed (For a good reason) and comes back to the same spot to RP. RDA: Random Arrest=A cop arrests a civilian for standing on the street. NITRP: No Intent To RP=No intent to actual Roleplay. Just there to mess around and give grief to others. MRDM: Mass Random Death Match=Rather than a marauder killing one person he kills 3+ people which is classed as MRDM What would you do if someone is breaking the rule against RDM: If it was a first time rdming then warn. If 2 kick and if 3 ban for mrdm for 6 days. if more than 3 ban for 2 weeks. What would you do if someone is breaking the rule against NLR: If it is there first time going there give them a verbal. If it continues they will be warned. If a staff member told you they had planned to abuse or harm the community in any way possible, what would you do: Tell a Founder or Global management about it. (Or a higher up overall) AGREEMENT I will not advertise my application anywhere within the community whatsoever. I will not create an alternate account to give my application support and I will be patient waiting for a response, I understand it may take time to assess. If I am accepted into the Hyplex.co DarkRP Team, I will not abuse the powers given to me, and use them for my own good. I will only use the permissions granted to myself to better the community and assist in helping to keep the community clean and engaged. I understand that if I abuse my powers for my own good, or for anyone else's good I will be demoted. I understand that this position is to be taken seriously, and I understand that I must enforce the rules put in place by the Global Management team, and to ensure that there is no toxic behaviour within the community. I understand that if I am inactive I will be given a strike and that if I receive 2 strikes I will be demoted.
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    Cryption has handled this just fine, I don't see the need for any follow up.
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    He Banneds Player for reason he calls "toxicity" but he never explains how. When you argue against him he mutes you and says dont be toxic,but never says how your being toxic. So far ive noticed the player count has gone down since hes been playing and online usually the player count was at 40 or up and now after cryption Threatens everyone and gets mad over simple things and Over Does the punishments Like Rdm in Sit = Week Ban? kinda over exaggerated Cryption when you are trying to get rid of the toxic players when you are one of the toxic players that ban kids for no reason but your own quote "toxicity" which you never seem to say what "Toxicity" even is
  25. 3 points
    Thank’s for not being an immature bitch. You seem pretty chill.
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    What the fuck, this isn't fucking roblox, stop censoring everything.
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    Literally everyone resigning
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    Shhh, you weren't meant to tell anyone this! aka im probably moving to SWRP
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    IGN: Cryption | Hyplex.co | Crident Steam username/ID: STEAM_1:1:80981204 Discord Name: Cryption#0001 Server Playtime: 37:10:00 ish In-Game Cash: £232,483 - yes im poor, get in the bin Amount of In-Game Warns: 0 Are you good at building: Mate, completed it (inbetweeners reference, aka im lit af) Are you good at raiding: yeh, gimme a gun and ill shoot up the peasants Any Past Experiences in organisations (If so who and how was the experience.): no Why should you and how can you help the Italian Mafia out (min 75words): I can help the Italian Mafia by bringing in the dankest base builds you've ever seen, and of course - I can bring in the elite aim like no ones got a chance innit. On a real note, though - I've got some pretty good ideas so I might be able to make bases even better, and of course, improve Luca's slide that gets memed 24/7 by prop blockers :^) I can help bring enjoyment even more so due to my elite fortnite aim, meaning I can carry brad on a daily basis (please don't hurt me) Do you understand stealing and betraying us will result in you being kicked?: yeh Do you understand you can be removed from the clan without reasoning?: yeh Have you ever been banned from the server?: no Please write 55 words and a bit about how you run on the server: well, I normally run around and I get screamed at by about 30 people wanting me to do stuff for them, and occasionally remove any props from luca's slide that gets prop blocked more times than I can count. On a real note though, I'm either a civilian or I'll go as a marauder and setup some sort of what I like to call overpowered base until some sad child runs in with explosives and that's the end of my life - I'll then normally setup printers or something, make some dank money and be balling with my 200k.
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    Description The 501st Legion, also referred to as the 501st Battalion and later known as "Vader's Fist," was an elite military division of the Grand Army of the Republic. Consisting of highly-trained clone troopers engineered by Kaminoan cloners, the 501st served under the command of the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker throughout the Clone Wars. It was deployed to numerous contested planets across the galaxy during the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, including Christophsis, Geonosis and Umbara. Command of the legion was temporarily reassigned to Jedi General Pong Krell, whom the 501st mutinied against after learning of his fall to the dark side of the Force. As the war progressed, CT-5555—an Advanced Recon Commando who served in the 501st—discovered a plot to destroy the Jedi Order, but was killed by CC-1010 of the Coruscant Guard before he could prove it. Although the 501st faithfully served both the Republic and the Jedi, the clone troopers were compelled by their programming to execute Order 66, a secret protocol designed to force the clones into killing their Jedi officers. As such, the 501st marched on the Jedi Temple of Coruscant and, with the aid of Skywalker—now the appointed Sith Lord Darth Vader—proceeded to purge its inhabitants, including Padawans and younglings. Afterward, the 501st gained the nickname "Vader's Fist" and continued to serve as his personal stormtrooper legion under the new regime of the Galactic Empire. Approximately two decades after the proclamation of the New Order, the 501st fought the Rebel Alliance at the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY during the Galactic Civil War. By then, the Imperial Military had supplanted its clone units with birth-born human recruits. History The 501st Legion was composed of clone troopers that had been engineered as part of an army to serve the Galactic Republic. It was divided into multiple sub-units such as Torrent Company, which served in the first battle of the Clone Wars—the galaxy-wide civil war between the Republic and Separatist Alliance—under the leadership of Clone Captain CT-7567 ("Rex"). Following the Republic victory on Geonosis, the 501st was deployed to the front lines as part of the newly-formed Grand Army of the Republic. Battle of Kamino When the Separatists plotted to deal the Republic a crippling blow by destroying the cloning facilities of Kamino, the 501st and 212th rushed to the defense of their homeworld. The Battle of Kamino was a hard-fought victory for the Republic, due in part to the actions of the 501st. In particular, the troopers Echo and Fives were recognized for their service by Captain Rex, as well as CC-2224 ("Cody") of the 212th, and were both promoted to the elite status of ARC trooper in the aftermath of the battle. Afterward, Rex and the new ARC troopers of the 501st were sent with Skywalker and Kenobi to infiltrate the Citadel. Though succeeded in reacquiring the information pertaining to the Nexus Route from General Even Piell and his captain, Wilhuff Tarkin, the group lost Echo, who survived but was presumed dead, in addition to several other casualties. Equipment The 501st Legion utilized the Phase I clone trooper armor during the early period of the Clone Wars, from the first battle on Geonosis until the introduction of the Phase II model by the time of the Battle of Mon Cala. On certain occasions Rex and other members of the 501st made use of jetpacks for aerial transportation and greater mobility. In general, the 501st maintained the appearance of the standard clone trooper as designed on Kamino. However, Captain Rex became part of a growing trend of clone officers who customized their uniforms with unique color-based designs and supplementary pieces of armor. By the time of the Battle of Christophsis, Rex wore his armor with blue markings, a command pauldron, and a kama. Over time more troopers of the 501st came to customize their own kit, also using blue as a complementary color to the standard white. As the war continued, Phase II clone trooper armor became widespread within the ranks of the Grand Army, supplanting the Phase I model. When the 501st upgraded their armor, they adopted a common color scheme and markings that identified their unit affiliation. Nevertheless, some clones—such as Rex, the ARC troopers, and even common soldiers—retained their own unique designs that differed from the rest of the 501st. This has been commander Simple, see you on the battlefield trooper!
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    -Support -Several grammar and spelliing mistakes throughout the app (implies you put minimal effort into this) -3 posts on forums. -Doesn't give playtime where it asks -Overall a messy app. But we are in desperate need of TRAIL mods so thats a plus 1.
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    you are mean
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    What is up Drama alert nation I'm your host, killer keemstar. Let's get right into the resignationnnnnnnnnn! Hey everyone, I'm Allucious. Some of you guys might not know me but I'm a moderator that has gone inactive for a while. This is my resignation from Hyplex, As I can't be active as the usual. This doesn't mean I'll go away and never come back again, I'll come back sometimes to meet my friends c: I got bored of DarkRP and there's no point of me playing anymore. It's been fun. Thanks to everyone who have played with me. Before I go, I'll mention some of the people who are the best c: @Kynks Thanks for playing with me when I was a newbie on the server and being my friend. Wish you the best of luck, Hope you get Admin buddy. @luca Thanks for inviting me to Invictum, Being in your org is really fun and thanks for being a great friend! @Dillon Thanks for helping me with everything, you're very papi ;-; @ooof Thanks for helping me when I was a T-mod, trained me and played with me! Thanks, dad c: @SLickY Thanks for playing with me! You're a fucking memelord, my dude. majik @TJ123 Thanks for playing Hide and seek with me and bamboozle me and the great old' Crowbar fights, You're a great moderator c: @UberZ I'll never forget you, You're a great manager. Thanks for everything! @PsychoPeq Issa very gudboi yes, Thanks for being my friend! ;-; @Rugglez Thanks for helping and playing with me when I'm new! c: @Sanity You're a great mod! I've played with you for a bit and you're very friendly, Thanks! c: Goodbye, everyone. I hope I'll see you all again in the future. Warm Regards, Allucious. ps. jar jar bink is a sith lord
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    I won't give my verdict on this until I see you RP in game after the server goes live, so impress me.
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    Navy ============================ Navy is the regiment who run the ship they are the most high regiment on the ship meaning you are higher than CMDRs and Jedi. We are the commanders of the ship and if you step out of line, we will be the one's to firmly glue you back into it. ============================= How To Get Into Navy? Firstly to get into navy you must apply on the forums. To get into navy you must stand out from all of the troopers on the ship, show your heart for the republic flag and be the best you can be. You must be able to lead the troopers to victory against the enemies, and you must not forget that your life is protected by the troops so remember what they have done for you! ============================= Navy Ranks: Naval Admiral Commodore Naval Captain Naval Lieutenant Midshipman =========================== As a naval member, you will be asked what you want to focus on the most: Missions: Missions members are the members who focus on troopers during missions whether it be supply runs or hostile attacks. You will also be assigning troopers to squads and planet patrols. Trooper Behaviour: Trooper Behaviour members are the members who focus on the conduct of troopers they can suggest demotions to commanders/fleet management members and assign troopers to patrols around the ship. Ship Operations: Ship Operations members are the members who focus on, granting/denying, Assigning troopers to places on the ship and they will also be focussing on managing ship maintenance. Fleet Management: Fleet Management members are the members who focus on managing fleet doing things such as, demotions, promotions and granting/denying applications. ===========================
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    Boi sounds like some bullshit to me. Make a ban appeal
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    Sad to see you go, we never did this with the intention that we hated you.
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    The staff team often gets reports where the reporter wants to cancel his or her report. This is how to cancel your report and make sure we can spend more time on dealing with rule breakers. If you have a report and want to cancel it type "!reports" this will bring up a menu. It should look like this: You can click on view to see the details of your report: If you want to close your report just click on "Close report" This will appear in the bottom of your screen: All done your report is now closed!
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    I like the fact that whenever I post a whole group of people get an email. Makes me feel happy that so many people want to see my content.
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    Am I the only one finding the "Never seen IG" kind of dumb. I just find it very dumb that you would -support someone just because you specifically haven't seen that person. Even if the player has 100 h there will still be timezone diffrances and you might not see them because of it. So please stop.
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    Server (StarwarsRP/DarkRP): DarkRP Name of user: Cryption Steam-ID : STEAM_0:1:80981204 that banned me What rule did this person break? : Abuse of powers, he is banning people for false reasons, including me and kill switch. Short information about the incident : So I was in discord with kill switch and he was playing on hyplex, he banged on cryption's door, cryption retaliated by telling a random guy on the street to kill kill switch, what does he do he kills him and he reports him. (he had no kos sign he had building sign, and the guy "insane" didn't warn him at all.) What does cryption do he closes the report multiple times and does not let any other staff take the sit, he calls kill switch words that will be in evidence, he also threatens to ban him. (Kill switch leaves the server I join). I report insane, and a staff takes my sit the staff member says (After I said what happened) he says he was told not to take the sit, so cryption tp and says this has nothing to do yes it does he is threating my friend, after all this "insane" shots me doing damage so I retaliated and killed him he gets a warn I get a ban for a week. Evidence of rule break (Required) : By the way I assume this is going to the trash pile and I will be perma banned because this is a "FALSE" report. The server was fun until cryption went all mayhem to all of us. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357348246 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357348181 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357348111 ^ These are from me the other ones are kill switches proof.
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    I am leaving. This is it. Fake dates for the updates. Rules are turning to shit. And the leaders are not taking into account of what the players or staff want. Doesn’t it make sense that the player count is getting wose, no one fucking knows where Elite went, and everybody is resiging, nearly. That this server needs help. Im not saying our management is shit but whoever is makimg all the decisions does need a new mindset. Honarable Mentions @Dillon You were a super cool dude. @TJ123 @Nerchio You guys were fuckin awesome. Some of my closets friends on the staff team @Lil Life youre a dick @Laton @Brad GANG GANG GANG\ @Cryption Lmfao, youre a shitty manager. Ruggs u lit too I RESIGN FROM ALL POSITIONS. FUCK THIS FAKE SHIT BOYS. IM DONE BEING LIED TOO. AND I BET THE COMMUNITY IS DONE TOO
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    Not related to Hyplex but I would appreciate it if you guys could help Trixter & Viction out by voting for their Discord bot. If you haven't got Prism in your own Discord servers; you should invite it. It has many meme commands, which is about all that matters lmao. At the time of posting this it has 57 upvotes, let's see if we can get it to 100 If u got a big heart vote here: https://discordbots.org/bot/416300279957553162/vote
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    Dude rugglez already told people to stop discussing that here.
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    Gun sounds irl are repetative, that's just how guns are lol wtf. And phones are cancer. I wouldn't mind a dj system as long as you can disable it.
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    +1 I think this is a very good application and i think you will be a great addition to the staff team! it is a yes from me!
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    Big Purple Base DEFENCES: You can shoot straight through the doors, open the fading doors on the sides and top. BLOWTORCHPROOF? Yes PRICE: 600K SCREENSHOTS: Long Industrial Base DEFENCES: You can shoot straight through the doors and the sides. BLOWTORCHPROOF? Yes PRICE: 1 Million SCREENSHOTS: Tunnel Base With Secret Room DEFENCES: You can shoot from the top and sides. BLOWTORCHPROOF? Yes PRICE: 500K SCREENSHOTS: Industrial Base With SpectateBox DEFENCES: You can shoot through the doors, from the sides and from the top. BLOWTORCHPROOF? Yes PRICE: 1 Million SCREENSHOTS: IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW. Add me on Discord: Frazer°#8847. PM me the name of the base you want. I will then PM you back arranging when we can meet for the transaction.