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  2. Elite_Pancakes Staff Application

    You must use the format to apply for staff and meet all the requirements, you have 24 hours to edit this app before it gets locked and denied @Elite_Pancakes.
  3. Defcons and battlestations

    High alert meaning battle stations and caution meaning patrol etc? @27_Genders
  4. Elite_Pancakes Staff Application

    I really would like to be staff for hyplex, and i have played hyplex for 2 mounths, i love it
  5. Today
  6. Day Light

    @Coward.TV *ACCEPTED* Please contact Me, ASAP 2uuKan, Rhyss, or Wurk for an invite My discord is Will#7698
  7. Event Ideas

    Maybe like the Fleet is kidnapped by some enemy troopers and is taken to another planet. We then fly to that planet and our mission is to retrieve the Fleet before the enemies can retrieve any information from the Fleet using torture methods. This is a brief description and obviously needs to be expanded (a lot).
  8. Itz OG Shankz staff app

    DENIED. Unfortunately at this point in time, I've decided to deny your application on the grounds that you have put little to no effort into your application, also provided incorrect references. You may reapply in a minimum of 2 weeks.
  9. Day Light

    @willamduffy Uk
  10. Day Light

    Do you play on the US or UK server?
  11. TurteElliot's SWRP TEP Application

    -Denied- Feel free to re-apply in 2 weeks, for info about your denial please msg me
  12. Itz OG Shankz staff app

    I didnt know that so sorry will remove it now and please let me know what you have heard about me in game now please.
  13. 3 False warns

    -Resolved- 1/3 warns will be removed (Georges) - Ask either Lions, Large or me to remove it
  14. 27_genders TEP

    -Denied- Feel free to re-apply in 2 weeks, for info about your denial please contact me.
  15. Steven's Fleet Application

    Denied I believe you aren't the right person for the job. If you want information on this contact me on steam or discord.
  16. Itz OG Shankz staff app

    ok. DO NOT ADD ME AS A REF ON ANY OTHER APPLICATION BUT THE ONE I ALLOWED YOU TO. you no longer have my support due to recent info i have heard about you so please remove me from your staff ap. let me underline it. i only allowed you to use me as a ref on your staff app from 30th of november.
  17. 27_genders TEP

    i have apologised profusely for this but i understand your concern. i was an idiot for getting mass about turtle being promoted to 2n LT from LCPL and feeling left behind. i should not have said the things i said and i take full responsibility. i hope we can move past this and again, it was all my fault and im sorry.
  18. 27_genders TEP

    Oh maybe that was someone else but it sounded like you. Idk. Good luck anyway.
  19. Hello!!!

    Welcome to the community. I thought I was on the staff applications for a sec there.
  20. Itz OG Shankz staff app

    -Support Never see you Bad grammar Bad layout Looks rushed -According to reidyyy you lied on your last app, don’t know what this is about but we’ll see.
  21. Itz OG Shankz staff app

    -support -disrespect towards anyone is not acceptable -app looks rushed -bad layout Overall huge -support as you lied on your last application Reidyy <3 Current-Rank -Dark RP Mod
  22. Itz OG Shankz staff app

    Your STEAM name :isleofwight114 Your STEAM ID (https://steamidfinder.com/):STEAM_0:1:33270283 Your current rank:User Your Timezone: G.M.T Your Date of birth (RL):13/03/02 Your playtime:33hours Age:15 Do you have a mic? :Yes Have you had any staff experience on GMOD or any other games?:None unfortunately Why do you wish to become staff for hyplex? (Minimum of 100 words):I want to be staff because i believe that the staff on the server lack the spark of enthusasm, with me on the staff team i will bring that enthusasm into life and create a positive impact on the others Players. I have Played on the server serveral times and noticed that staff are offline when i am therefor i believe that i could file this space with me to cover so the server has a moderator or Admin on at all times. I like to help people on the game and would apprectiate the power to help them to a more exstatic ability. By appointing me to the role if Trail mod would be apprectiated to a high extent. What makes you a better choice then Others? (Minimum of 75 words):I stand out from the crowd because i am passionate to complete tasks assigned to me and will always do it with a smile no matter what the task is my favorite tasks are helping others as i can have that sense of good gratitude and i am determind to be a good sport and help to any who ask. I would really apprectiate it if this was accepted as i would like to make more Players feel the sense of accomplishment. What is the definitions of RDM , NLR , RDA? (Bonus - FDA): when someone gets killed and directly runs back to the place of death is NLR. RDA = when a police/person with arrest batton just arrests you for nothing this is a random arrest. FDA = fading door abuse like when u dont have a button and u open with the numpad and u cant keypad crack it RDM= When you are killed with no valid reason How many warnings do you have? :3 but not active. What are some of these warnings for if you have warnings?: Building with entities, interfering with a sit (sorry) and 1 count of RDM I believe If you abuse do you understand that your staff will be taken away?: Yes completely Do you understand that being staff is a privilege not a job and can be taken away without reason or warning?: Yes as could not be doing job correctly Do you understand that if you are caught annoying or making elites job harder in general you will be demoted?: Yes completely Staff References: Dylan wite,Wurk staff not sure of rest of name Any other information for us? : none at the current time
  23. 27_genders TEP

    +/- Neutral I feel like you could be a very good event planner but in the recent days you have really come off as power hungry to me. When stuff doesnt go your way you seem to act like a 5 year old and I know that it seems like im being a dick but its true. You have mass disrespected me then as soon as I said no to a promotion even though all the other times when you asked which made me wanna promote you less I still promoted you on SWRP. I feel like I was good friends with you but something as little as a ingame rank seems to have ruined that. You have potential but I need to be honest here and its neutral. Good Luck.
  24. SWRP

    i 100% agree large and salty have worked there arses off for us to have a fun and for me and genders first swrp server and i absolutely love it and im sure genders would agree. @LionsDen you 200% should always be mentor as you are so helpful you always stay calm even in the most heated situations so well done keep it up Reidyy <3
  25. Hello!!!

    welcome to the community
  26. Reidy staff app for T-mod

    thank you guys all so much and i have got enough time to play on each server equally dont worry about that atm Thank you all ever so much Reidyy <3
  27. SWRP

    Great to have you as a player on our server @27_Genders. It means a lot coming from a loyal player like you. <3
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