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  2. Rules against one way props?

    Dude the rules need to be changed because there are so many reasons how they aren't allowed no matter what
  3. Today
  4. Hello hyplex community

    Welcome! Hope you have a good time on Hyplex! 😎
  5. Richer Introduction

    Hope you enjoy your time on homie! 🤘
  6. Back Again

    Welcome welcome! Hope you have fun on Hyplex 🔥
  7. Scarface´s return!

    Welcome man! Hope you enjoy your time on Hyplex 🔥
  8. Hi my darlings

    Welcome welcome! Hope you enjoy your time on Hyplex!
  9. ok listen up fuckers

    Oh shoot before I get called out its a joke guys its a joke
  10. ok listen up fuckers

    ^^^ And chaos wanna go their? Says the guy who scammed a kid for real money for a video game shouldn't be talking mate.. You like scamming from what I can tell.
  11. Perma banned without reasoning

    use the right template /lock
  12. Yesterday
  13. what is this

    So it's not Narnia?
  14. what is this

    Easter egg probo
  15. what is this

    There is a way to get in, use the button again lol. Also if you're not "supposed" to get in there, why was it added? Staff can no-clip so there's no reason to add that button there unless it was actually meant for players to get there.
  16. Recoiled's FPS Guide

    just mail me your computer and I will make gmod run at 1000 FPS
  17. what is this

    um if you close it there is no way to get in and people are not supposted to be able to get there so I blocked the button with one of my props \ Edit: You can also press a button thats opens the tunnel as in the big blacked out tunnel so there is a huge non hidden way to get in there
  18. Recoiled's FPS Guide

    Do i ned 2 do dis? Specs
  19. what is this

    Opening admin area doesn't fuck with the map though, and it's not any harder to raid than other places. Unless you're a solo person lol.
  20. Hyplex 1.5.3

    Love the update
  21. KeoJr Falsely warning me

    This isn't looking great.
  22. Recoiled's FPS Guide

    Found this guide very confusing, my computer overheated and looks like a potato. Thanks, Stone
  23. what is this

    I told him first
  24. Recoiled's FPS Guide

    step 1 on how to make your game look like shit. my guide on getting better FPS is to just get a new pc or move to the UK for better ping
  25. what is this

    it opens admin area, wheres my money
  26. Warn appel + abuse Mod's

    Its been moved. Now you need 2 use the Warn Appeal Template. And if you think im abusive make a new forum under staff Complaints
  27. Warn appel + abuse Mod's

    K, No I didnt scam you. You paid the money then whilst me trying to buy you shipment of guns that you paid for i got raided. You died. I go outside see abunch of textscreens spawned. 3-4 And 2 of them were on my base. Chaos removed them. You come back and i told you, you cant do that and that chaos removed it. You then do it again so chaos warned you. You then cried in ooc constantly about the warn, Constantly Calling me "Abusive", I never killed you or warned you so i never abused my power. And i got warned for Double Fading Door abuse cause chaos never gave me a chance 2 fix it when i was asking in discord if it was okay but no one ever answered me. @Chaos
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