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  2. DarkRP Loading Music

    I know for a fact there has been a time where you've listened to the tune and thought" hmm, I wonder what its called" but just forgot about it, well think no more. It hast been found my dudes:
  3. Economy reset?

    The community really needs to make a decision I and many others have already spent all our money to fill up our inventories and banks so now instead of getting fucked by a full economy reset were getting fucked by all of the mods and admins repeatedly telling us money will be reset and not capped.
  4. Italian Mafia ~ Applications

    Accept my request on steam
  5. Metropolis Mafia

    Updated. Removed ranks "Underboss"& "Consligire" for reasons to be disclosed Soon™ New ranks: "Leader", "Co-Leader", "Captain", "Soldier" and "Recruit". Added some more info to "Who are we"
  6. Hyplex Original™

    In Game Name: Baleful Age: 15 Playtime: 132 hours How much cash do you have?: 11,000 (because money reset) Which server do you play on the most?: US and UK both What are you good at?(Building / Raiding / Defending): Raiding How many warnings do you have?: 0 Why do you want to join us?(25 word minimum): Because i see this org soon becoming very big. I also see this org having a lot of potential and being a very experienced organization. Why should we accept you?(25 word minimum): i am loyal, i am very experienced with raiding, i'm active in the community and i've been on hyplex for a very long time. I am also experienced with gmod in many ways.
  7. Roasting

  8. Yesterday
  9. Banned for NLR + Disrespect x3?

    +support this guy clearly got a false ban and did not break any rules and that screenshot really does prove it... lol
  10. Niko Staff Apply

    -Support Some Grammar mistakes A lot of warns for only 40 hours Never seen IG Just joined the forums Rdm isn't random kill, just Random Deathmatch Its 5 mins, I'm pretty sure. Kinda Repetitive Thats does not tell us why you want to be staff +Support Good word count Lots of effort into app Overall: -Support
  11. Server (StarwarsRP/DarkRP): DarkRP Your IG name / Steam (: Soap Your STEAM ID STEAM_1:0:102855066 Who banned you and why ( A screenshot of the ' Ban ' screen when you try to connect to the server ) Why should you be unbanned ? because i didnt do anything wrong
  12. Niko Staff Apply

    • Your STEAM name: nikolacnk • Your Discord Name: nikolacnk • Your STEAM ID: STEAM_1:0:57658367 • Your current rank: User • Your Timezone: +1-+2 during the summer. • Your Date of birth (RL): 22.07.2003 • Your playtime: 40 hours • Age: 14 • Do you have a mic? : Yes, I have. • Have you had any staff experience in GMOD or any other games?: Not really in the GMOD, other games, and as forum administrator (mostly Serbian-Russian forums). • Why do you wish to become staff for hyplex? (Minimum of 100 words): As I know the server need new staff, basically I want to help the Server, maybe I will be useful. I like to be in a group, I’m not the best team player but I’m trying my best. Sometimes when there is no admins-moderators online on the server some weird things are happening, RDM, RDA a lot of racists and other players that don’t care about the rules of the server and about other normal player that just trying to enjoy and relax on the current server and at that moment I really want to be a part of a staff and just stop this anarchy. And I think this server is pretty good, good plugins, addons and just good community and staff members are really kind to the players and they are just good people. I like to help other people, I feel better when I know that I just helped that man, and he now feels better and can continue to play on the server without any problems. • What makes you a better choice then Others? (Minimum of 75 words): I have huge past experience of administrating but not really in the GMOD, I will do my best to help the players with their questions and problems they encounter during their play time and of course protect the server from the minges, spammer, racists etc. I’m not the “soft” type of the person, if a player broke the rule and he needs to get a warning for that or even a kick or ban, he will get his punishment, no mercy will be shown. I can translate from Russian-Serbian and I can understand other Slavic languages, I think that can come handy sometimes and I’m just a nice person, well that what my friends and relatives say I can’t really judge myself but I think I can be a good part of the staff. • What is the definitions of RDM, NLR, RDA? (Bonus - Give examples): RDM (Random Death Match)-(Random kill) If player A kills the player B without any valid reason. NLR (New Life Rule) If player A dies, he forgets everything about his past life, and he can’t return to the place where he died for a certain amount of time (4 Min. on this server). RDA (Random Arrest) If Player A that plays as police random arrests the Player B without any valid reason. • How many warnings do you have? : 3 Warnings • What are some of these warnings for if you have warnings?: Fail Base 2x, and Building with Raidables. • If you abuse do you understand that your staff will be taken away?: I know, but I won’t do it. I saw a lot of people abusing their privileges and I saw what they got for the punishment, and just that embarrassment… no, I will avoid that at all cost. • Do you understand that being staff is a privilege, not a job and can be taken away without reason or warning?: I understand that I will try my best to avoid to abuse my privilege. • Do you understand that if you are caught annoying or making elites job harder, in general, you will be demoted?: I understand that I’m not that type of people that like annoying somebody else. • Staff References: As long I know there is no need for staff reference. • Any other information for us? : Good server, by the way, nothing more.
  13. Server (StarwarsRP/DarkRP): DarkRP Your IG name / Steam (: Soap Your STEAM ID STEAM_1:0:102855066 Who banned you and why ( A screenshot of the ' Ban ' screen when you try to connect to the server ) Why should you be unbanned ? because i didnt do anything wrong Snapshot0000.tga
  14. More emoticons

  15. Roasting

  16. SubZero

    -Accepted- contact me or @Tes7 in game welcome to subzero @Elite_Pancakes
  17. SubZero

    What is your in game name?: Plasma_Wulf What is your age IRL?: 13 What is your playtime on Hyplex?: 97:19:53 What are some of your skills?: Building,Sniping,Raiding,Protecting Bases What makes you think we should accept you over others?: I think you should accept me over others because i am loyal ,Honest, I help teamates in need ,and I will give money / guns to who need it in the group What can you do to benefit SubZero? I can build and protect for Subzero I can give weapons i can grind for Sub Zero and i can Raid for SUb Zero
  18. Roasting

    Lmao everything you guys said aint roasts just saying you gay if that is a roast i roast people 24/7
  19. Getting to know players

    I have big gay.
  20. Roasting

  21. Roasting

    Fak off or we'll ddos your roblox server
  22. 3 Years :/

    Yeah man I dont think we are that bad
  23. Roasting

    I hope you do. (Jk plz dont I love and respect you. This was is the name of the game.)
  24. Getting to know players

    Jem you're playing on UK right?
  25. Getting to know players

    My voice is very high pitched Ill probally raid you and say ez after i kill you.
  26. Metropolis Mafia v2 Applications

    Denied: Message me on steam or Discord if you wish to discuss your denial.
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