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  2. RealPikoo's T-mod application num 2

    add me as ref +1
  3. New map ideas?

  4. New theme?

    Oh fukk naw
  5. RealPikoo's T-mod application num 2

    Ahhh rugglez thanks
  6. RealPikoo's T-mod application num 2

    Very good guy you should accept him.
  7. Steam Name: RealPikachu Discord Name & Discrim ( Cryption#0001 ): Kamil#5900 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:98530359 TimeZone: GMT00:00 Date of Birth: 28/02/2002 Age: 16 Total Playtime: 130Hrs Total Warnings: 2 (Really old ones. This was before the time I resigned) Staff References ( they must confirm for them to be valid ): TJ, slothyy Do you have a microphone(Yes/No): Yes Side Hobbies/Projects that may affect my activity: I am making an anti-cheat for my server (Server will not be up until 01/05/2018!!) How many hours are you able to be online the DarkRP server a week ( approximately ): This I got wrong on my last app I will be able to stay on for 30-35hrs Do you have any experience as a staff member on other servers / other games (please censor names): Yes, I was staff here on this server but I resigned of course. I had a server twice and they went quite well! Why are you applying for Trial Moderator ( minimum of 100 words )?: I am applying for a trial mod, not for the reason that I have been a t-mod before but because I have seen a little lack of actual staff being on. I would like to truly become a t-mod as it allows me to help people who first join because I have seen recently a lot of new people. Also being on the server makes me mostly happy now as I do see loads of my friends coming back on which is nice for me as it does mean it gives me a little more inspiration to come on at any time to play with friends. Of course, I wouldn't allow my friends to RDM/RDA or any rule breaking. I would be recording every move that I make to have all the evidence I need and to full fill every new player's needs! What is the role of a Trial Moderator ( no minimum )?: A role of a Trial Moderator is to be online for as long as they can to be able to help the server. Meanwhile, a staff member will be watching the Trial Moderator while they work. A Trial Moderators job is also to take as many sits as possible. It allows the Trial Moderator to advance quicker and allow themselves to do well for the server. Why should we pick you? ( minimum of 75 words )?: I always read over the rules before anything and I am able to come on at any time to help in a situation or if no mod is online I would normally come on to keep the server under control. I would take any sit that comes up and help the people that need it. I would be on the server most of the time as I have nothing much to do except to make an anti-cheat as said. But that won't take much time as it is made in LUA. What are the definitions of the following, be sure to include examples: RDM: Random Death Match - Walking along the street and getting shot on purpose for no reason. NLR: New Life Rule - I kill a person (For a valid reason. AKA raiding) and he walks back and kills me. RDA: Random Arrest - I walk down the street and get wanted for no reason then get arrested. NITRP: No Intent To RP - The person messes around screaming through their mic not listening to admins nor trying to actually RolePlay MRDM: Mass RDM - Killing more than 3 people is MRDM. A person who is here just to grief or troll runs down the street shooting anyone who walks in front of them ====EXTRA DEFFINITIONS==== ARDM: Attempted RDM - When someone shoots you a few times and either gets killed or stops shooting (leaves you with low health) FDA(I know this isn't on the server rules but I'd like to add it): Fading Door Abuse - Spamming the door while someone tries to raid you (spamming they key) R-RDM: Revenge RDM - This links to NLR when someone kills you and you go back to kill them because they killed you What would you do if someone is breaking the rule against RDM: Bring the person who got rdm'd and the rdmer to sit and allow the person who got rdm'd to pick for themselves what to do (Verbal or Warning) What would you do if someone is breaking the rule against NLR: First offense - Verbal and every other time Warning If a staff member told you they had planned to abuse or harm the community in any way possible, what would you do: Snip the recording (or get evidence) and give it to a higher member of staff (Global Management) AGREEMENT I will not advertise my application anywhere within the community whatsoever. I will not create an alternate account to give my application support and I will be patient waiting for a response, I understand it may take time to assess. If I am accepted into the DarkRP Team, I will not abuse the powers given to me, and use them for my own good. I will only use the permissions granted to myself to better the community and assist in helping to keep the community clean and engaged. I understand that if I abuse my powers for my own good, or for anyone else's good I will be demoted. I understand that this position is to be taken seriously, and I understand that I must enforce the rules put in place by the Global Management team, and to ensure that there is no toxic behavior within the community. I understand that if I am inactive I will be given a strike and that if I receive 2 strikes I will be demoted. I agree
  8. Crime Scene's T-mod Application

    Someone’s flexing 💪🏿
  9. Opium Is Broken

    Ya still here but broken xd
  10. I never thought that I would say this.

    Nice alt account, Dillon. Have fun w/ the ban.
  11. I never thought that I would say this.

    Dillon got banned? Why?
  12. New map ideas?

    We can use the building near the Discord channel thingy, its never used and i can be changes for better, like the same underground place, personally, a base with a long spiral staircase would be awesome
  13. Shouldn’t of banned hi. 

  14. I never thought that I would say this.

    Everyone rebel to get them unbanned
  15. I never thought that I would say this.

    None of them should’ve been beaned
  16. Crime Scene's T-mod Application

    -1 for the aforementioned reasons.
  17. Crime Scene's T-mod Application

  18. I never thought that I would say this.

    It was worth a try, who would have thought that he would be banned and not me. smh
  19. I never thought that I would say this.

    Big meme, but no.
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