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  2. hey drizzy i just wanted to know how to staff apply because i just want to help the server to be a better place for all the people who are joining;)

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  3. *cough* never seen a moron that is more stupid than me. -support.
  5. Giving you last chance, please follow the format copy it and answer questions last time @MAGNus DOng
  7. DENIED Please reapply with the format.
  8. Can i join
  9. I'm always a moron damn it qq so I'm basically triggered
  10. ACCEPTED Don't be a morron
  11. -support I never seen you in royal mafias discord or in server. I'm too lazy to recruit people.
  12. ✰In game name: Dat Reak Doe ✰Why do you want to join Royal Mafia? 60Words+: I want to join the royal mafia since i haven't been on recently and all i want to do is join the most mighty mafia on the server (TRM). also i am good in all types of ways like raiding defending and building. Sometimes I want to join mafias because of revenge on others *cough* Eric Backman *Cough* ✰Do you have, and know how to use discord Yes/No: Yes a bit rusty but i can work it ✰Age, 13 is the lowest: 14 ✰Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:88671257 ✰What would you like to do in the organisation: Raid, Build, Defend, Kidnap, shit like that ✰Will you be active Yes/No: Sometimes on (3 Times a week at least) ✰ Will you be loyal? Yes/No: Yes, Never not been
  13. You at staff team lord save me pl0x and btw bob some of the "suggestions" you said do we already have and one we will never do .....
  14. Hopefully I can change everyone's mind about me abusing. Now that I have Papi On Duty it helps a lot. But thanks for the criticism, it allows me to learn and improve!
  15. This is me when chaos uploads a video. (not me)
  16. Today
  17. Now looking clear at the video i didn't see that base before i thought the base was on the side the silverish was being built ;/ my bad
  18. I understand my friend had told me about it I'd of did the same if I was a admin
  19. @Bob Ceno understand that there is a exploit with the /unstuck command. It consist of spamming props around you to then force you through a wall. I even was able to test it out right now with the approval of the person basing in that tunnel. Not surprised it successfully worked. Now exploiting glitches is against the rules, and because it looked as if you were doing this that is why I banned you.
  20. Yes I understand the prop blocking part which i do very much unstand that part i just dunt understand de glitchin part
  21. Oh Okay, Well my bad
  22. Here's my face reveal
  23. Ok first of all I told you many times why and that you were getting banned. Why I banned you you might ask. Well here is the story, I teleported to a person in there base to handle a sit. Once done I noticed some props randomly inside the base. At first I removed it thinking it was only one but then I noticed there was more. I then noclipped outside the base to take a look, it is then I noticed you. Here's some evidence I was able to gather : You also said you trying to escape from someone killing you. Even so prop blocking your self in isn't allowed. Honestly the evidence really isn't helping your claim. I will have to think over this but for now you will be keeping the ban.
  24. he just views it and leaves
  25. Junky is view lets hope dis goes well
  26. I just got a camera, so here is my face reveal, hope you guys like it
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