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Our community blogs

  1. DarkRP Update Logs

    Latest Entry

    By drizzy.vip,

    Sorry the updates haven't been that frequent I've been busy with life stuffs. I'm focusing on bug related issues currently.


    • [New] Player Monitor setup. You can view that here - there is also an API so you can easily check all our players are legitimate.
    • [New] /999 chat command
    • [New] !uncuff <player> chat command for admins, the player name is optional, if not provided will just uncuff you
    • [New] Unconscious logs
    • [Update] Zip Ties have been removed for now due to heavy abuse
      • [Update] Fixed a bug if you tried to load a item that's been deleted from the game
    • [Update] Prop limit increased to 40
    • [Update] You lose all ammo when you die now
    • [Update] Fix a bug when pressing F3 if you don't have a radio
    • [Update] Made printer bombing less effective
    • [Update] You can now pick printers up
    • [Update] Fix a bug when pressing F3 if you don't have a radio
    • [Update] Changed fire behaviour to nerf it a bit
    • [Update] Throwing props with physguns should be harder now
    • [Update] When you drop printers, crafting tables and other unfrozen entities they shouldn't go flying anymore
    • [Update] Fixed a bug causing people to lose their clothes when they spawn in
    • [Update] Stopped you getting more ammo. Wont be working until next gmod update
    • [Update] Removed two broken guns from the crafting table
    • [Update] Jump boost power increased to 40%
    • [Update] Fixed a bug causing 16 properties to not show up
      • Fixed a door on I01-W07 showing up as the shooting range
      • Added new property Middle H11
      • Added 2 missing doors to I01-W04
    • [Update] pLogs limit increased
    • [Update] You can no longer shoot through props
    • [Update] Hitmarkers with guns to make gunplay a bit better
    • [Update] You spawn with a taser as a cop if you've spent more than 2 hours on the job
    • [Update] Fixed a bug which would allow you to duplicate money
    • [Update] Rebalanced meth
    • [Update] Fixed [ERROR] gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/init.lua:286
    • [Update] Fixed [ERROR] addons/plogs/lua/plogs_hooks/darkrp.lua:30
    • [Update] Fixed [ERROR] gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/sv_inventory.lua:375
      • This should prevent you dropping and losing broken items
    • [Update] Should have fixed [ERROR] gamemodes/darkrp/entities/entities/ent_sign_large/cl_init.lua:141
    • [Update] Should have fixed [ERROR] gamemodes/darkrp/entities/weapons/weapon_idcard.lua:133
    • [Update] Should have fixed [ERROR] gamemodes/darkrp/entities/weapons/weapon_idcard.lua:138
    • [Update] Another attempt to fix [ERROR] addons/fas base/lua/effects/fas2_ef_muzzleflash/init.lua:15

    Rolling out in 25 mins

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    Latest Entry


    We've added a new ratings system a few of you might be familiar with. You can now see ratings at the bottom of posts which will look a bit like this (Design might change a bit in the future)

    Rating people will allow you to express how you feel about their post without needing to reply. This means people don't need to bump posts, or reply to things they're not involved in.

    jb0J8.png You will also get a new type of rep on your posts and profile as you can see on the left. Ratings are split into negative, positive and neutral. Currently the only negative one is Dumb, and the rest are pretty obvious.

    This will hopefully let people express themselves more without starting drama and arguements.


    I've disabled the old reputation system for now (The up and down arrows on posts) and we're just going to use this system. Depending on if the rating you give a post is good or bad, it'll give the user good or bad rep. Neutral rating give neither good nor bad rep.

  2. StarwarsRP Update Logs

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