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  1. DarkRP Update Logs

    Latest Entry

    By drizzy.vip,

    Whats up,

    Hyplex 3.1 is a pretty large update which adds a lot of features while also fixing a lot of bugs and issues highlighted by the community.
    We targetted systems/addons which were the most intensive and replaced them first. Introducing a new admin mod, and craftable weapon attachments.

    Sorry it took so long to come out - it kinda just depressed me because of the amount of work. It was essentially a case of rebuilding the whole server ; it was needed. Now it's done updates should be able to just roll out as I finish stuff. There isn't *that much* in this update, as a lot of work was backend stuff.
    This update will put the community and server in a really strong position. Fixing a lot of long-standing bugs. Hope you guys a enjoy the new stuffs either way.

    • [New] New map (finally lol) it's no-way near done, and we didn't have enough time to do all the things I wanted, but I did not want to delay 3.1 any longer so we've just released it at it's current point. Expect updates.
    • [New] New prop protection. It will (should) work pretty much exactly the same as it did before.
      • You can now freeze all entities!
      • Stops people building in areas they shouldn't really be building in like tunnels (this was ported and rolled out pre-3.1)
      • Generally less broken, and more integrated with the F4 menu (This is the only way to grant your prop protection to other users now)
      • Server FPS watchdog will keep an eye on the server all day every day for performance issues, and take the appropriate steps, meaning that now we can;
      • [Removed] !lag command, this is now automated and much better
    • [New] New admin mod (type !help to see your commands) note this will cause admins to need their ranks re-adding. GM should be ready to do this.
      • Admins are required to go into !adminmode before they can use a lot of commands. You can not RP while in admin mode. (Admin mode is also getting an overhaul in a upcomming update)
        • Admin mode freezes Hunger, Thirst and Stamina
      • New admin mod commands: (Some of these were previously available, but they were buggy and inconsistent, they should be better now)
        • !wake <name> -- Wake someone up from being unconscious 
        • !uncon <name> -- Make someone unconcious
        • !uncuff <name> -- Uncuff/Unziptie someone
        • !unarrest <name> Unarrest someone
      • [Update] Fixed noclip issue (Sorry about that)
        • Note: To enter noclip use the sandbox "noclip" console command. There is no chat command.
    • [New] New sit statistic tracking system for admins to compare their performance with other admins
    • [New] Networking almost entirely re-designed
    • [New] MySQL management re-designed to to use workers
    • [New] New mayor job
    • [New] New mayor system - Give @Trixter some love for this
    • [New] Secret Service which the mayor has to accept/deny
    • [New] Laws which the mayor sets - Once again thanks @Trixter <3
    • [New] Craftable gun attachments
    • [New] New player damage system
    • [New] NPC's now make sounds when you interact with them
    • [New] New warn system
    • [New] New dynamic fancy rules page comming v soon
    • [New] New items, including a Cash Register you can sell items with
    • [Delayed for 3.1.X] Lost and Found system. This will store your items if you disconnect, or if the server crashes.
    • [New] Medics get paid when they revive someone
    • [New] Pressing F3 will make you put your arms up and surrender
      • [Update] Radio mute key moved to F2
    • [New] Lockers which you get get your job items from
      • Police lockers
      • Secret Service lockers
      • Medic lockers
    • [New] Taser (no cops can't taser other cops/medics/fire men)
    • [New] Blowtorch - this is harder to make than lockpicks, but it allows you to essentially "lockpick" any prop. It doesn't need to be a fading door.
      • Props will remain open for 2 minutes (longer than lockpick)
    • [Update] The anti-cheat is now actually running :whoops:
      • Exploit protection from
        • net overflow/bomb based attacks
        • concommand overflow/bomb based attacks
    • [Update] Visual and backend PAC improvements
      • PAC3 profiler and projectile system disabled.
      • Disabled experimental "caching" system
    • [Update] Toolgun sound changed
    • [Update] FAS menus changed
    • [Update] Perma weapon deployment changed to prevent an ammo bug
      • You now spawn with the physgun equipped all the time
    • [Update] Pro-Marauder's keypad cracker has changed.
      • It can now be used as many times as you'd like
      • You can't duplicate it by putting it down and picking it back up :P
    • [Update] Chat adjustments
      • [New] OOC cooldown
      • [New] OOC Anti-Caplocks, prevents people sending annoying CAPSLOCK messages in OOC.
      • [Update] /999 should now work fine
      • [Update] You can't use OOC while knocked out
      • [Update] Players can't talk before they spawn in :v:
      • [Update] Various improvements to the general chat design
    • [Update] AFK timer is disabled as it's not needed atm
    • [Update] How firemen are paid has been changed from per fire, to every 10 fires they put out
    • [Update] Fire simulation re-balanced
    • [Update] Fixed a bug some players got which would prevent your character showing
    • [Update] New loggers for admins:
      • Handcuff logs
      • Item drop logs
      • Jail break logs
    • [Update] Printers no longer refill charge when you pick them up (Backported)
    • [Update] Fixed physgun showing when the admins are noclipping
    • [Update] Printers now create fires again when they overheat
    • [Update] ATM UI changes to fix some errors
    • [Update] Fixed multiple pricing errors and money duplication bugs, and re-balanced certain item costs rustic what the fuck were you thinking man?!
      • Updated the Money tracking system to trace calls if no source is provided
    • [Update] Should have fixed an issue causing some players games to crash
    • [Update] The admin sit manager "Respawn" button should now work
    • [Update] Loads of other bug fixes and code improvements
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    We've added a new ratings system a few of you might be familiar with. You can now see ratings at the bottom of posts which will look a bit like this (Design might change a bit in the future)

    Rating people will allow you to express how you feel about their post without needing to reply. This means people don't need to bump posts, or reply to things they're not involved in.

    jb0J8.png You will also get a new type of rep on your posts and profile as you can see on the left. Ratings are split into negative, positive and neutral. Currently the only negative one is Dumb, and the rest are pretty obvious.

    This will hopefully let people express themselves more without starting drama and arguements.


    I've disabled the old reputation system for now (The up and down arrows on posts) and we're just going to use this system. Depending on if the rating you give a post is good or bad, it'll give the user good or bad rep. Neutral rating give neither good nor bad rep.

  2. StarwarsRP Update Logs

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